Shattered Lives presents Citizens Against Homicide: Sponsoring a Conference…and Related Issues

Shattered LIves, Donna R. Gore,LadyJustice

Eryn Cervantes is immersed in criminal justice issues…as a survivor of a family member who was murdered…as a 14 year veteran correctional officer for the State of California…and as the Coordinator for their first Annual CAH Victim Awareness Conference. It’s a tall order…but the adrenalin is pumping, the  excitement is flowing…the interest is building and the results….AHHHH…  Just wait! The outcome, the sharing, and the long-lasting coalition building  and assistance for victims of crime will be glorious…

Shattered Lives host “Ladyjustice” had the opportunity to learn  about the April 12-13,2013 Conference in Las Vegas Nevada with very special guest, American icon, Bill Cosby…and discuss related issues after Eryn’s departure…

To listen to the Podcast:  CLICK HERE

  • History of Citizens Against Homicide;
  • Purpose of the Conference;
  • Line-up of Speakers by category; Bill Sullivan and Medical Examiner Issues;
  • DA from Sacramento re How to Lobby for Victim Rights;
  • DNA Evidence& Evidence Processing
  • Keynote Speaker- Eryn’s “Pipedream”
  • Bill Cosby as a Crime Victim- Uncharted Territory;
  • Resources for Conference , Fees and what’s included;
  • Website Citizens Against Homicide Website and their focus;;
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Facebook sites;
  • Cherry Simpson-Featured Speaker who worked with Susan Murphy-Milano to save her daughter from Domestic Violence, also a homicide survivor (niece Lacey murdered); Support for Homicide Survivors in Illinois;
  • Bill Sullivan– The problem of “rubber stamping deaths” as suicide versus homicide…. Oklahoma as a prime example…
  • A matter of educating, whether your questions are answered and what entities are there to help;
  • Why aren’t there more conferences focused on victim issues?
  • Victim Advocacy as a career…
  • Bill Cosby: In His Heart King of Cosby No More by “Ladyjustice”
  • Comedy as good medicine…Even Crime Victimization?
  • “The Perfect TV Family…”  a lot of pressure;
  •  An October cruise – many amazing things came forth…
  • Offerings from Citizens against Homicide website…. Including, media, helping victims navigating the parole process of perpetrators, assisting with unsolved cases… former connection with Crimewire;
  • Eryn’s background…
  • Billboard campaigns in California and elsewhere;

Lineup on “Shattered Lives” in the coming weeks;

  • Marilyn Gambrell and “No More Victims” kids of incarcerated parents…including kids;
  • Sexual Assault and the Fourtin Case – an Update;
  • Author –Diane Fanning;
  • Elaine Pagliaro, Instructor from the Henry Lee Institute;
  • The National Conference for Community & Justice;
  • Diane Weaver- Executive Director of CRIS Radio- Connecticut’s Radio Reading Service;


  • Benefits of Citizens of Homicide;
  • “Shattered Lives” Nearly a Year Old…

Additional Questions during the show:

  • Who is Yvette Nance and why is the Conference in her memory?
  • What is the process for requesting and funding of billboards for crime victims in the State of California?
  • We need more information regarding exhibits and participating in the book fair…
  • What do you wear in Las Vegas in April?


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