Susan Murphy-Milano- Reaching for the Stars… and Attaining her Goals

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” – Win Borden

A person must begin by being still and listening in order to become aware of his path, but after that he must actively follow it. Such activity arises from trust, not from the egomania of “I will, I do”.                      A human being attains his highest freedom when he can speak the words: “Lord, not my will, but Thy will be done”.                                              Thorwald Dethlefsen”


Such are the words of wisdom… are the truths reflected in the myriad of accomplishments and legacy of Susan Murphy-Milano….  As Susan battles her fight with stage four cancer, the world continues to benefit from her lifetime of work. She spoke candidly with Ladyjustice and Delilah about her life, her “baby” the EAA –Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit… and most importantly, her newly published memoir from called “Holding My Hand through Hell.”  ‘So much more than an account of living and surviving with domestic violence, it is a positive affirmation of life…and is certain to be yet another teaching tool from her toolbox.  It is awe inspiring!  This book is the courage that endangered women and men need….   Delilah recounted their relationship, the evolution of the book and the marvel of this incomparable woman. 


Join the Journey…. CLICK HERE…

  • Delilah discussing what the public needs to know about this book… A ride from the beginning to the end…
  • Feedback from reviewers and authors…
  • Ladyjustice’s take on the book in general …
  • How HMHTH impacted the life of a woman…
  • The impact of her life and now living with Stage Four Cancer;
  • The difficulties of writing this book over three year’s time;
  • SMM’s life filled with taking the risks…
  • Susan speaks:  Her description of the book and making people accountable, making people’s lives matter;
  • Stacy Petersen’s kids will never know hope;
  • Susan’s  hope – keeping her mother alive;
  • The words and lessons are powerful enough to get the word out – What really happened – No more excuses;
  • Self-revelations- very painful;
  • If Susan gave in, she would let the killer and spirits of other’s win;
  • It’s about God – June 23rd her Cancer diagnosis;
  • The irony of success- multiple projects;
  • God’s timing… You can come through on the other side;
  • The last two years…” I have never felt so loved;”
  • Susan on Delilah’s dedication as  her caretaker;
  • Susan’s opportunity to preserve her words…..
  • Susan’s wishes for her son… Hoping for a pathway to understanding of the truth for him and her kid sister….
  • “I didn’t choose this work… It chose me…”
  • The EAA- “A beautiful symphony;”
  • Saying I’m sorry isn’t that hard…. The cowards…
  • “Homicide occurs and everyone turns away like the plague… It’s the same with cancer;”
  • “God allows things to happen even if you are good; Everything has a reason and purpose;”
  • No second victimization-   “It’s all in the timing;”
  • “I’ve led a heck of a life… in uncharted territory… Go with your heart…”
  • Delilah reads a passage…and sheds a few tears…
  • “Delilah…”The last key in the bunch that opens the door…. “
  • Susan’s parting words… HMHTH- spreading hope with the book;
  • Delilah and “Ladyjustice“ talking about the book’s content;
  • A real life journey… Failures  turning them into a benefit for others;
  • Susan goes to the end’s of the earth to make things happens;
  • Susan’s unique  gifts of analysis, problem solving  and her ability to take on and solve the impossible highest risk cases;
  • How did she come through all of her high risk personal problems??
  • “Ladyjustice” on the savyness of a little girl and “making deals with God”;
  • Susan as the mother role – the protector;
  •  “Ladyjustice” on the personal costs…
  • Delilah on Susan as a great teacher and her favorite phrase:     “Get out of your own way;”
  • HMHTH as a teaching tool – You can spot the red flags in your world;
  • Textbook  nature and HMHTH as a companion to the EAA;
  •  “If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” – Win Borden
  • Moving forward….  Never be called a victim;
  • “Ladyjustice” on: How does a person do what she did on a shoestring?  “Finding a way…”
  • A better mousetrap…;
  • Why isn’t the EAA embraced by more people… It’s NOT about lack of resources…
  • The nature of dealing with systems – the frustration of Delilah and “Ladyjustice;
  • “Ladyjustice” on mundane complaints versus the hard truths…
  • “Ladyjustice” on Susan’s ability to bring things down to their essence;
  • Delilah on the “layers of the onion” and the core truth;
  • The truth is very difficult to handle… for victims and the general public…. The true believers;
  • Delilah on training versus instincts and being open to what the universe has to offer and giving it back to others;
  • HMHTH – A book filled with her love by revealing and facing the truth… it will help and save so many more lives;
  • It’s unbelievable….  HMHTH – Three years in the making;
  • “Time’s Up” book,  “Saving our Lives”, “Moving Up, Moving On” book;
  • A testament to God’s powers… those pebbles in the path…
  • The virtual tour- What’s it about? Who’s included?
  • A list of the participants….
  • Thank-yous

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