Ryan United Founder Derek VanLuchene: Changing the Landscape for Sex Offenders


Ryan United was created in memory of eight year old Ryan VanLuchene, who was abducted and murdered by a repeat sex offender in the community of Libby, Montana.


Derek VanLuchene brings a unique perspective to the issues of sex offender management and child
abduction. In 1987, when Derek was 17 years old, his 8 year old brother Ryan was abducted and
murdered by a repeat sex offender. Ryan was taken right from the family’s backyard in a rural Montana
community. Since that time, Derek has devoted himself to issues of sensible sex offender management
as well as child abduction response.

To Listen to the broadcast with Derek VanLuchene CLICK HERE

Derek spent 18 years as a Montana Law Enforcement Officer working for both the Conrad Police Department and The Montana Division of Criminal Investigation. Currently, Derek manages Ryan United, a non-profit organization dedicated to his brother. Through Ryan United, Derek provides resources to crime victims, Law Enforcement, Corrections officials specific to sex offender management, child
abduction and community safety.

Derek works as a consultant for Fox Valley Technical College, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Southwest Center for Law and Policy. As a consultant, VanLuchene has been instrumental in developing curriculum for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Corrections officials relating to sex offender management and child abduction response. Derek has also been active in developing and delivering curriculum specific to sex offender management and the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse in Indian country.

Through his personal and professional experiences, VanLuchene speaks to criminal justice professionals
and community organizations across the nation about how important their role is when it comes to
protecting children from predation. Derek and his family have been instrumental on a state and national
basis promoting tougher laws and sensible management of sex offenders.


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