“Good” is a Relative Term… “Goodness” Never Wavers



Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Susan Murphy-Milano

Thirty minute lunches don’t allow much time to write during the work week. However, Ladyjustice has “squeezed time like the proverbial lemon” over the past weeks to fit in more “quality time of the heart” where Susan Murphy Milano is concerned. As LJ sat in a stark 1960’s kitchen lunchroom today… it suddenly occurred to her! A light bulb suddenly glowed… When a person cares about another person with a life threatening illness, everyone’s life is irreparably changed.  What happens? Your yardstick changes…When you are in the throes of such a disconcerting, emotional situation, you realize, “Good” is a relative term…whereas “Goodness” never wavers

“Good” used to be this “energizer bunny” of a person, called “Jane Wayne,” up at all hours of the night with a cell phone affixed to her ear, EAA documents spread out before her and a crunchy snack at hand;

Good” used to be sassy dialogue, dissecting a cold case bit by bit, “Jane Wayne” and Delilah discussing the issues over the airwaves; strutting in high heels or taking a quick smoke;

Good” used to be taking an intimate partner violence victim to task for not doing his or her job in taking responsibility and doing the required work to save their lives;

Good” used to be indulging in Greek food and vegetarian delights;

Good” used to be frequent commuter flights, pickups and radio studio dates between Florida and Myrtle Beach;

Good” used to be being knee deep in developing projects for academia, TV, book deals and locating the technology to take the EAA to the next level;

Good” used to be those lengthy phone conversations with mentees, colleagues turned friends, validating each other, caring for each other’s causes;

What a difference a couple of months make….

Now, good means sleeping through the night;

Now, good means a relatively pain free day;

Now, good means eating food that your system can tolerate;

Now, good means tumors that appear to be shrinking;

Now, good means the time to listen to music, read a card or watch a movie;

Now, good means talking about memories and sharing a laugh;

Now, good means feeling the comfort of healing therapies and spiritual guidance;

Goodness”…on the other hand… never wavers

Goodness is a person who is selfless to a fault and puts other’s needs before their own;

Goodness is a person who teaches others by their own example;

Goodness” is a person who isn’t afraid to break the rules for an immediate need or for a good cause;

Goodness” is achieving major accomplishments even if credit doesn’t come back to you…;

“Goodness” is never forgetting those who helped you and believed in you;

Goodness” begets goodness;


Susan still has “good” days.”  She is “goodness” personified!


Written with Irrepressible Love,






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