Shattered Lives Showcases Clients of ImaginePublicity, What a Team!

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

What better way to spend an hour…. (In reality, more time was needed), but to showcase this flock… this unique family that Ladyjustice has been bragging about forever?   Ask and you shall receive…. We’re betting you had no idea of the breadth and scope of talents these professionals possess!

In addition, learn how to become an ImaginePublicity Client!

If you have your own vision… or need to create one… If you have the  patience, commitment and drive to make it happen, working with Delilah as your team captain… “It” will happen… It’s just a matter of time!

So, sit back, relax and get your pen and paper ready!

To learn the specific talents and endeavors of many current Imagine Publicity Clients, Click Here: 

ImaginePublicity   PO BOX 14946   Surfside Beach, SC  29587       843.808.0859

Here are a few notes and people you will hear about:

Susan Murphy Milano

 Relationship Strategist, Author, Speaker, Advocate, Media Consultant;

Susan’s cause with cancer; How Delilah and Susan met; Time’s Up book publishing; Holding My Hand Through Hell her newest book releasing in October, 2012 – Showing people hope and what you can overcome; Creating an awareness about what intimate partner homicide is really like;  Discussion of Tracey Thurman case and Denise Brown’s efforts on behalf of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson

Anny Jacoby

Female Personal Safety Instructor, Advocate, Speaker, Consultant

Founder of the Realistic Female  Self-Defense Company;  Advocate Group “Darkness to Light” – Facilitator for Child Abuse Awareness using a Curriculum; Most children are abused by a family member… is an advocate for many  causes    www.

Diane Fanning:

True Crime Author

True Crime Author, Blog Writer, Author of “Mommy’s Little Girl” about Caylee Anthony;   “Through t the Window” Tommy Lynn Sales serial murderer  was interviewed by Diane and obtained a confession.  Julie Rea Harper… who was wrongly convicted for 65 years…  Diane received the Defenders of Innocents Award – Highest Award from the Innocence Project in Illinois;   Fiction writer of the Lucinda Pierce Series

 Michale Callahan:

Former Police Officer, Exposing Corruption in Illinois State Police and obtaining exoneration of two men wrongly convicted;  Also a recipient of  the Defenders of the Innocent Award;  Author of  “Two Politically Sensitive”:   A Fascinating account that details the story of corruption… and the dangers he has faced                            ;

Pamela Chapman   

Blogger and works with a wide variety of victims; Focusing on Mind, Body ,Spirit Healing from Trauma;  Re-invented herself; Moved to  a small fishing village in Mexico and will be opening a facility for others to rejuvenate, rest, and recover  from medical procedures, or to just find themselves!    Founder, iAscend Programs, Author

Discussion of Inspiring Clients…inspiring connections…“Nothing is set in stone” when it comes to the marketing a client; Everyone is different; Stick to the basics of marketing;  Delilah learns a lot from each client which makes her job so interesting…  Give the client what they want; Position the person in the place they need to be …                                          

The Process of Contracting Services with Imagine Publicity

Primary focus: Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing

1)    Telephone consultation;

2) Delilah does a lot research compiling information on your internet presence;

3) Creating a proposal – action plan that the company feels will attain YOUR goals and get you to where you want to be…

Expectations:   Reality!  *** It’s not going to happen overnight; No magic pills; Delilah is not going to get you 5,000 hits on your blog post.  The service is individualized. According to Ladyjustice– You have to be a team player… you have to collaborate… Different levels of service.  It depends on what you are willing to do for yourself.  Client time and attention – it all balances out.

Donna’s tutorial of other opportunities afforded her- the Radioand the benefit of a smaller company; –   ImaginePublicity is Not a Speaker’s Bureau… However, they partner with Speaker Services in Los Angeles.

Speaker Services: they train individuals on the fine points of public speaking; event planners go to their website which serves as a conduit to connect the event planner with the speaker directly!

Events Coming Up with Selected Clients– 

1) Dr. Scott Bonn –Criminology Professor, Author, Former Media Executive;  Expert on Serial killers and Deviant Behaviors:  Dr. Bonn has corresponded with several serial killers; Delilah assisted A & E Producers to schedule his appearance on the A & E LI Serial Killer Special – airing Thursday, July 12th 8pm ET

2)    Dawn Schiller – Author of The Road Through Wonderland, her memoir; Founder of E.S.T.E.A.M. advocating for throwaway teens. Presenter at the National Coalition Against  Domestic Violence Conference this summer                                     

Ladyjustice featured Melissa Cann, Sister of Homicide Victim, and Maureen Brainard Barnes Link:;           

Dottie Laster-

Human Trafficking Expert, Consultant to the LI Serial Killer Case;     Helped Create a Task Force with the DOJ, training more than 5,000 police officers; Certified Trainer of Law Enforcement and Public Speaker; Owner of Laster Global Consulting: Dottie is also an Immigration Attorney through The Bernardo Kohler Center

Dennis N. Griffin  Co-host of Crimewire Radio Show; His History in Radio;  Author Expert on Mob History;

 Gayle D’Ambrosio Crabtree 

Founder, Hope For, Speaker,  Author, Consultant; Pastor’s Wife and very active in the Methodist Church, Training  with DV/Intimate Partner Violence training through the faith-based organizations.  ~ 600 pastor during one training; Gayle has worked closely with Susan Murphy Milano training- developing the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit along with Pastor Neil Schori for church personnel.

Neil Schori 

Pastor, Naperville Christian Church, Domestic Violence Activist, Speaker

Neil has played a key role in advocating and training pastors and parishioners of intimate partner violence in the Chicago area and beyond

Discussion of Churches: Change of focus and decrease in services for murder victims  due to a failing economy; lack of  financially viable  non-profits and dwindling government social service funds; At the least, all churches should, at minimum, have written information and have trained pastors…. Creating a safe haven…The historical wrong-headed pastoral advice that domestic partners should “go home and work it out.”   Pastors have to be enlightened about the true realities of intimate partner violence and the most effective methods to use to save lives!

Susie Kroll 

(On hiatus from Imagine Publicity currently) – Going to school full-time to become a psychologist  Speaker, Advocate for Teen Dating Violence with a focus in domestic violence issues in the Washington State area.

 Dawn Schiller:

Author, Speaker, Founder of E.S.T.E.A.M. (non-profit outreach for the myriad of throwaway teens 

Author of “The Road Through Wonderland” History – Although never a participant in porn, Dawn was a teenaged victim-girlfriend of porn star John Holmes.   Dawn was trafficked and  suffered  other forms of abuse.

Janet Hosmer- Opens Life in Balance Spiritual Wellness Center- Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Life in Balance, Inc. offers the public the opportunity for the study and practice of several modalities helping individuals find the perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit, along with workshops, speakers and practitioners offering education and instruction.  The facility, located at 4347 Big Barn Drive in Little River, SC, also has a state-of-the art multipurpose room which provides comfortable space for meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences and special events.

Donna R. Gore

Victim Advocate for many causes; Writer, Researcher, Communications  Liaison,  Public-Motivational Speaker, Disability Expert, Project Manager, Events Planner ,  Radio host of “Shattered Lives” Former Speech Pathologist, Victim Advocate for many causes; Writer, Researcher, Communications  Liaison, Project Manager, Events Planner  Radio host of “Shattered Lives” Former Speech Pathologist, Public-  Motivational Speaker

Still Very Important, But Ran Out of Time!!

Ward Foley

Inspirational Speaker, Author

Jillian Maas Backman

Intuitive Life Coach, Radio Personality, Author

Claudine Dombrowski

Family Court Crisis Activist

Danielle Pierre

Motivational Author, Life Coach, Owner, DP Motivation,Inc.

Lavinia Masters

Author, Advocate for Sexual Assault Victims, Speaker

Lyn Twyman

Founder, Courage Network,Courage Empowerment Forum Radio Host, Speaker

Sheryl McCollum

Director, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

Burl Barer

True Crime Author, Radio Host,  Speaker

Holly Hughes

Former Prosecutor, Legal Analyst, Attorney

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Psychopathy Education

Speaker, Advocate for Teen Dating Violence

Smarty Pants

Web Design, Photography, Graphic Design

Balanced Books 50/50

Virtual and Traditional Bookkeeping Services

Michelle Harkey

Developer of “The Key Training and Consultant Group,” Victim Services Provider for victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault



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