“Your Relationship with Uncertainty and Death Will Dictate how you Live Your Life” Duane Bowers, Healing the Broken

Duane Bowers is a regular kind of guy… You can hear it in his voice… And yet, he brings a wealth of knowledge and common sense to the shattered landscape of those experiencing trauma. He specializes in working with families who have a missing loved one, exploited children, suicide, and various populations dealing with post traumatic stress including the military, victims of terrorism in the U.S. and in war-torn countries….

Listen to interview with Duane Bowers: CLICK HERE

Duane Bowers is also the Facilitator at the annual Keys to Healing Retreat sponsored by Project Jason for the well-being and care of families with missing persons.

“The professionally trained staff at Project Jason know the difficulties we face in this situation. We know the emotions and the frustrations. None of us knows how long this journey will last, so it’s important that we do all that we do what we can to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually strong for the day we have our answers. These are the Keys to Healing, the keys to help you face each day without your missing loved one. “…Kelly Jolkowski, Founder of Project Jason and Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski

For registration information on the August retreat, visit the Project Jason website:  http://projectjason.org/forums/index.php?topic=11580.0.

Families return year after year, particularly if their resolution is not yet in their grasp… for support, sustenance and hope.

Shattered Lives was treated to a great hour with this insightful man and very likeable professional….. Please do listen …..

Topics covered included the following:

  • What is Trauma and PTSD?
  • How does your reaction figure into the equation? (and warning signs);
  • How to be a good consumer when shopping for the best mental health professional;
  • Trauma & Certified EMDR – What is it and why is it important?
  • The uniqueness of being a victim of violent crime versus other kinds of trauma (Two important distinctions)…
  • You know a family member or friend needs help…Yet how do you convince them?
  • PTG- Post Traumatic Growth – ‘Ladyjustice” as a shining example;
  • More on Resilience and Recovery;
  • Moving out of PTSD and “Moving On;”
  • Coping – Curling Up in a Ball versus Grabbing the World by the Tail; (What’s Your Motive?);
  • 9-11….  Differing Expectations of Tragedy;
  • What is Terrorism really about?”
  • 9-11 The importance of money;
  •  The O’Jay’s Song –“Just for fun” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G41r9IgHvhU;
  • The many Environments of Trauma versus Pain and Suffering;
  • Coping with uncertainty, the plight of the missing;
  • The first visit trauma and counseling – What should happen;
  • Trust and becoming a “Functioning Human Being;”
  • The Missing – Continuing, ever-changing Trauma (“Past Versus Present Tense”)
  • DV/ Intimate Partner Violence Experts as those who can most effectively deal with the missing;
  • Creating two realities of the future; Reducing fear, building confidence, having a safety plan; Escalation and empowerment;
  • Don’t Divulge to “the perp;”  The EAA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eObfB43uFsg;
  • What to know about Childhood Sexual Abuse and repressed memories as an adult?
  • Short Term Versus Long Term Treatment – Pros and Cons; Approaches;

That’s all folks… Stay tuned for another show in the fall with Duane Bowers, LPC, CCHt

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