Movie Reviews: A Look at “Shattered Lives” on Film

Donna R. Gore, ImaginePublicity

It wasn’t Siskel and Ebert… It was Gore and Jones…

BUT FIRST:  What it’s like around the ImaginePublicity “water cooler” (a snapshot);

Plugging the Melanie Ilene Rieger Memorial Conference on Violence;                                                                       ;

Plugging The Keys to Healing: Mind, Body & Spirit: Project Jason Retreat;                                                                                                                        


What can we learn from the movies? From Ladyjustice’s perspective, we learn that life is imperfect and that the best movies are about the human condition. We ask, are movies truly a reflection of real life or “just a form of escapism?”  LJ believes that movies today are mostly superficial and don’t want to deal with the real issues… with an occasional “take your breath away” movie. 

When You Listen: You Will Learn About: (Videos Clips Included at End!)

  • Movie History – A loose timeline according to Delilah;
  • Featured Movie: Running on Empty” (1988) Starring Judd Hirsch, Christine Lahti, River Phoenix, Martha Plimpton; (1988) Events based loosely on  the Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.[1] John Simon states that the characters’ bombing of a napalm research facility was inspired by the Sterling Hall bombing of 1970.[2]  “Major themes; Key Scenes; Plot;  Discussion about viewing movies initially and…”when you are older and wiser” What we can learn from this movie’s shatter;
  • Featured Movie:  “The Doctor” (1991)  Based on the Book “A Taste of My Own Medicine” by Dr. Ed Rosenbaum;  Starring William Hurt,  Christine Lahti, Mandy Patinkin and Adam Arkin; ; Major themes; Key Scenes; Plot;  Discussion about viewing movies initially and…”when you are older and wiser” What we can learn from this movie’s shatter;
  • Featured Movie: “The City of Angels” (1998) Starring Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan; Brief discussion of Major themes and plot;;
  • Featured Movie (Docu-drama)  “The Staircase” (2004) The Michael Peterson Case; Description of the movie, Discussion of the trial: “The Perfect Husband” , The Motive; “Deaver the Dunce”;  “The Owl Did It, “Circumstantial Evidence; Paid Expert Witness;
  • Post by Donna Gore “Three Petersons in a Pod”
  •  Watch The Staircase…..
  • “The Blow poke”   and more in WRITTEN IN BLOOD by true crime author Diane Fanning who attended the trial of Michael Peterson……;


A Preview Of Coming Attractions: Future Shows on “Shattered Lives

May 26th – Mr. Duane Bowers- Trauma Specialist;

June 2nd – Robin Moore- Search & Rescue Dogs;

                   Chuck Elgin- The Use of Sonar in Search & Rescue;

June 9th – Kim Anklin, P.I.  Sexual Harassment and Civil Law Suits –      

                   (Up Close and Personal);

June 16th-Ann Baldwin – Media Consultant, Former NBC Connecticut

                 News Anchor:   How to Assist Victims of Violence Crime with

                 “the Media Sharks” and Why I Gave it Up;

June 23rd– Robert Rahn, P. I. and a very special “Cold Case;”

June 30th– Connecticut Author, Raymond Bechard, re “The Berlin Turnpike”,

                   Human Trafficking Book and Upcoming Play;

July 7th –   Angie Warner, Daughter of  Alice Donovan, who was kidnapped at gun point and killed, but her remains were not found until 6 years later, after the trial and death row conviction of the two killers:  Their Personal Journey;

July 14th– Monica Caison – Founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons –

                  A Missing Persons Case…and More…

July 21st– Connecticut Author, Michael Dooling , re “Clueless in New England: 

The Unsolved Disappearances of Paula Welden, Connie Smith and  Kathleen  Hull”(1936 – 1952);    

 July 28th– Surviving Father, David Francis re Former Missing Son and Mountaineer, Jon Francis and the Jon Francis Foundation – Wilderness Search and Safety.

                      Selected Video Clips of Featured Movies Discussed:;

(Don’t mind the Spanish subtitles… They don’t even match the action)                                                                




Thanks All Folks!



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