And She Said…. “I Can Find Another Job…I Can’t Find Another Sister”

From left to right: Maureen Brainard-Barnes’s sister, Melissa Cann; Amber Costello’s sister, Kimberly Overstreet; Megan Waterman’s mother, Lorraine Ela; Melissa Barthelemy’s mother, Lynn; and Shannan Gilbert’s mother, Mari.  

(Photo: Mary Ellen Mark)

Melissa “Missy” Cann carries on valiantly….. contending with multiple life tragedies…    She is a mother, wife, sister, supportive friend and volunteer.  But, who could have known that she would literally and figuratively walk the path where the Long Island Serial Killer stalked and ultimately killed his victims?   She could not have known… nor was she prepared for this journey!

However, Missy has willingly taken a “crash course” in crime victimization like no other…  Her mission is to raise reward money for other victims and their families…     But more importantly, she seeks accuracy, and respect from the media and the general public when speaking about these victims! 

Listen to interview with Melissa Cann: CLICK HERE

We at “Shattered Lives” chose to put the spotlight on the positive aspects of Maureen Brainard- Barne’s life…. Because she deserves it… and because it’s the right thing to do….

What You Will Learn From this “Shattered Lives” episode:

  • Why Missy is “going the extra mile” for other victims of the L.I. Serial Killer;
  • Maureen- a portrait of a budding poet and lyricist; “Hug-A-War not Tug –A-War;”
  • Staying in touch with the other families… like her “Morning Coffee;”
  • Candlelight Vigils – past and in the future…;
  • The Mission with Crimestoppers that Drives Missy;
  • Planning for the Future with “Stunts 4Justice” []
  • Names Mean Something….  A report card on the media and theories of  “Amateur Super Sleuths” (Fear versus Rumor);
  • Maureen’s early life…;
  • Missy’s sources of support…. How she keeps going…;
  • The importance of taking care of yourself- juxtaposed with “Doing for others more than you doing for yourself;”
  • Missy’s personal goals… “If I can save one person…;”
  • How to help: Crimestoppers and the Suffolk County Police Department;;

  • What is the greatest need for the group of surviving families?
  • Great idea –   A new support group in the future!
  • New crime victims – When and how to reach out versus the “downward spiral;”
  • The trip to Time’s Square by Missy’s husband and brother… “When Something is Wrong, you just Have to React;”
  • Missy’s Personal Tragedy at age 21- The Accident… “The Middle Child Who Almost Wasn’t;” and Waking Up with her Sister, Maureen at her side…;
  • The NamUS Conference in Connecticut ;;
  • Help is Needed… to Plan other Events….. Get Involved!
  • Presenting the $30,000 Check at Summer’s End;
  • Missy’s parting message….  Be persistent… Be the Voice for those who are missing!
  •  What Imagine Publicity and “Ladyjustice” have to offer you….



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