‘In the Face of Sexual Assault… “A Footprint from God”


photo courtesy of flickr

Someone in America is Sexually Assaulted Every Two Minutes…..                                        

We are not kidding!  

Anna Doroghazi speaks in an articulate manner… with a passion to serve victims of sexual assault and to help forge public policy in Connecticut.  She provides a voice for victims and helps to create a safe haven with the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners Program, among many other functions within their consortium of care.

Lavinia Masters is a “Master” of her topic, is self empowered and has empowered many others by sharing her personal experience of sexual assault, becoming a shining example of hope for those in the U.S. and in areas with flagrant oppression including South Africa where sexual assault is at epidemic proportions.  She has championed the cause of efficient DNA analysis which belies her personal horrific reality of having to wait 20 years before the DNA of her perpetrator was analyzed!

Listen to the interview on Shattered Lives:  CLICK HERE

This edition of “Shattered Lives” was a lively exchange of information, ideas and emotional engagement by all parties…..  Please do listen to this show… It will enlighten you… It will inspire you…It may even save your life! 

You will learn about:

  • What the S.A.V.E. Minitry.org is;
  • Lavinina’s personal story;
  • DNA… “A Footprint from God;”
  • CONSACS – What they do…. from infancy to old age;
  • The Timeliness of Forensics Evidence and when to reach out for services;
  • How to Heal and Why the Statute of Limitations is Important; (The window of opportunity in Forensics);
  • Legislation in Texas and at the Federal Level;
  • Myths Concerning Sexual Assault (What We Hear, What We Internalize);
  • Statistics and How to Correct the Myths;
  • S.A.F.E. and SART Programs;
  • Evidence Collection Kits – The Victim’s Body IS the Crime Scene…   (What happens…What’s the process?);
  • Lavinia’s Aftermath – Her Second Re-Victimization;
  • Serenity Rooms –   What are they, who has them and who doesn’t?
  • The Crime of Sexual Assault and Re-victimization;
  • Lavinia’s Experience in South Africa….   “Treated like Royalty” Lavinia you are the Reason….;
  • Fighting for the Use of DNA in South Africa;
  • Roundtable Discussion of DNA Backlogs in Washington, D. C.;
  • Anna on Public Policy and the Crime Victim as the Expert;
  • Those with Multiple Disabilities: A Shameful Court Decision by the Appellate Court in Connecticut…   Time for a Change…. “It’s not up to the victim to fight when saying “No”
  •  Contact information and parting words…..


Respectfully Written and Hosted by “Ladyjustice”

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