Mount Catastrophe

If people were tolerant equally… If “we all could just get along,” there would be no
need to have as many lawyers, courts, crime victim advocates, law enforcement,
crisis counselors, emergency medical technicians, doctors or nurses. At the first
sign, that “miniscule molecule of trouble” could be dealt with quickly, with less
chance of escalation.

What’s the alternative? You can live a low risk life…stay at home, watch
TV …and “never do anything.” Or, you can live as most do, in other words,
take “reasonable risks” …a little spice… and be satisfied.

At the other extreme, you can live your life like Evil Knievel or John Gotti…and see
how fast you scale up “Mount Catastrophe.” Ladyjustice hopes that you never
work your way up the mountain – intentionally or inadvertently. Your ability to
cope with life’s problems is largely a function of genetics, your inner fortitude, your
intelligence and environmental factors.

When we examine what people like Evil Knievel, or those who “wish to conquer the
real Mount Everest” with its inherent dangers, we note that they invite catastrophe.
For a majority of crime victims in the mainstream, they live a relatively low risk life.
Based upon the law of averages and a good dose of hope… and luck, most people
escape “Mount Catastrophe” altogether.

For those who do not escape, see the illustration of escalation to the top of “Mount
Catastrophe”…. And then view this short video of the realities of being on Mount

‘See if Ladyjustice’s mock illustration of “Mount Catastrophe” is not too far from the
real thing… It could happen to you… if you do not take sufficient care of your life.
Or, in an instant, uncontrollably, you could find yourself on “Mount Catastrophe” at
the hands of others….


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