“The Speaker Recognizes Mr. Norton”


Andrew Norton

The 30 minute lunch break always goes by too quickly with Andrew Norton in the room….  Ladyjustice has had the pleasure of his company for about five years as a colleague at the same agency in Connecticut state government.  Andrew is an affable guy, chatty, funny and a scholar in the areas of politics/the legislative process, history, culture, and movies of yesteryear, to name a few…

He is always a dapper dresser, but at the same time, appears to not be in need of many material trappings (Just like Ladyjustice).  The standard “Good Morning” greeting to Andrew, followed by, “How Are you”? is responded with “Good enough,” as if he is content with what he has… (Ladyjustice likes that!)

Listen to interview with Andrew Norton on Shattered Lives:  


Andrew Norton began his schooling as an attorney, but then an opportunity in the Legislature came along, and his aspirations were set to assist others in the governmental arena.  And he does not shy away from intellectual discourse.  In fact, he likes to “get Ladyjustice’s goat” all in good fun, as we are often on different sides of the political spectrum. However, there is respect and appreciation for each other’s views…

Andrew was our guest on “Shattered Lives,” helping us to better understand the legislative process and to make general recommendations to victims of violent crime.


What you will learn by listening to this show:

1)   What recourse do crime victims have if they have not received justice from their criminal trial? (Justice in their own circumstance and justice for the greater good…)

2)  How to get started on creating legislation…

3)  How to convince a legislator to be on your side…and assist you with your issue;

4)  Advice to crime victims concerning how to begin…

5)  What are the “odds of passage” and resources that can be helpful? (National Conference of State Legislators: ; The Council of State Governments

6)  How are “Hot issues” handled?

7)  Do’s and Don’ts when approaching legislators;

8)  Are legislative bodies reactive or proactive?

9)  What improvements have been seen in Connecticut in the victim rights arena?

10)      Discussion of selected laws initiated as a result of crime victim’s experience with the criminal justice system: (Molly’s Law- Massachusetts; Joshua’s Law & Billy’s Law- Connecticut; Ethan’s Law- North Carolina)

You can be assured that there are helpful people in every state who work in state government with legislative experience.   Andrew Norton chose this profession for a reason… He’s here to assist others   by lending his knowledge and experience…

Chances are, there are other like-minded individuals in YOUR state as well!

Assignment from Ladyjustice:

  • Listen to this show;
  • Find people with legislative experience in your area…
  • And…. be sure to go the legislative resources listed above for additional help.

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