Pickin’ Up the Pieces… Dealing with the Criminal Justice System

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

Ladyjustice’s convoluted brain realized that it might be useful to tell it like it really is in an entertaining way…..  Dealing with the criminal justice system is such a chore…So exhausting … Frequently so disappointing. It’s like going through combat maneuvers….

A more accurate way is to describe it like going through the obstacle course in the game “Mousetrap.”  Baby boomers will recall this board game with a million plastic pieces as a mouse goes through the obstacles to “Capture the cheese” (perpetrator)- to get off as lightly as possible…. [Mouse equals the victim].  There are obstacles galore, delays, postponements by the opposing side [defense attorneys]; legal ploys designed to assassinate the character of the murder victim; barriers to scale; media to deal with…    And decorum…there must be decorum in the courtroom… Don’t you dare show emotion or lose control, as it is disrespectful to the court!  Excuse me???  Life and work are disrupted as we dutifully show up to hear the next barrage of accounts…the criminal and his deprived childhood; the victim as a fallible person who deserved to be killed for his human frailties…..Blah, Blah, Blah!

But, back to the “Mousetrap” game…. (Roughly 2 1/2 minutes). You MUST view this video below, as it is so illustrative of life…. (Don’t mind a little “poop terminology”…It is appropriate!)  Some of the speaker’s comments in trying to understand how to “put the pieces together” in the Mousetrap parallel the criminal justice system…   Such as, “A mindless race to the end” with the die (the jury) “controlling the whole outcome.” We as victims/survivors desperately want the system to “Just drop the trap.”  The “purpose” of the game… to “roll the die, move around the board, hoping the mouse will get as much cheese as possible” (i.e. the longest sentence possible!

If you, as the crime victim/survivor make it through the obstacle course with your faculties somewhat in tact so much the better.   And…. the perpetrator is trapped for a LONG time.

As the speaker says in the video, It’s just as cool to see it happen again and again!

It’s RAD, Man!

Too bad real life isn’t like a board game- Just land on the right space and win!


Signing Off for Now….

Donna “Ladyjustice”,   “Your Cool Defender of Justice”




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