But He’s a Powerful Man…

LadyJustice,Donna R. Gore

The wheels are always turning ….The mind never shuts off… It’s enough to drive others to distraction who know Ladyjustice best. But, hopefully this is viewed in a good way. So they put up with her. Ladyjustice can and does laugh at herself all the time…in spite of all of the injustices imposed on her over the years. She also gently pokes fun at those she cares about most. It is a skill for others to accept this in a good natured way.
LJ comes from a family of “teasers.” Don’t you know and love some people who never have a good thing to say about you, as they are always kidding you about this or that? For those people, (usually guys) that’s how they communicate caring.

We NEVER denigrate women. The same should hold for the male population (except for in all seriousness murderers, rapists, child molesters and all around jerks.) There are still a sizeable number of good males left somewhere and good women hope to locate them.

Everyone is well aware that historically, women have been treated as second class citizens for years. In general, we have made great strides. But, we still have catching up to do in the corporate world. Women remain very much underrepresented leaders in these arenas for a variety of reasons.

In corporate boardrooms for example, a Post Gazette article reported just 10 to a maximum of 14% of females are sitting on corporate boards in 30 years time! They wait to be asked, can’t be located as the pool of candidates sits on multiple boards, they seek such positions in the sunset years or “just aren’t qualified” some say (probably male counterparts.)
And so, even against our better judgment, we are forced to “play the game” to climb the ladder. In that spirit, this writer presents the following entertaining musical piece that takes place at a cocktail party.

Listen to the lyrics twice – quick repartee…. arranged by John Bucchino and sung by Jimmy Webb. Enjoy and cherish the cleverness of women everywhere!

Women Rock!



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