SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore welcomes Sam and Wanda Rieger

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice”

Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives.

Real people, real tragedy, real help.

Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Melanie Ilene Rieger, a college student, was murdered by her boyfriend on May 24, 1994.  Her parents, Sam and Wanda Rieger created an annual conference to educate and bring comfort to others who have fallen victim to violent crimes.

Sam and Wanda Rieger took from the ashes of their daughter’s death and created (along with a village of volunteers) a premier conference dedicated to serving the needs of future crime victims and educating those who serve them. However, this is not solely an academic gathering with Power Point presentations.  More to the point, it is a touching of souls and sharing of stories… creating an everlasting impact for participants – good, bad, but NEVER indifferent.   Veteran survivors of crime such as Ladyjustice do not return for the facts and figures, or to be exposed to more violence.  Rather, we return to visit old friends, for the thirst of ever-increasing knowledge in the field of victimology and violence in today’s society.  We come to share with new victims and service providers, the benefit of our tragic experiences …and to hear more stories.  The stories never end… 

16th Annual Melanie Rieger Conference

THEME: “Resilience After Devastation: Putting the Pieces Back Together”

May 30-31, 2012

Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, CT 06050

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