Blow Your Own Horn, Partner!

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,ImaginePublicity

Most days, Ladyjustice is riding high and sittin’ tall in the saddle (despite her smallish stature.) ‘Just like your favorite recipe, its part positive attitude, part inspiration from all kinds of sources, part laughter… (Yes, the ability to laugh at yourself first), a good dose of creativity and out of the box thinking.  Sprinkle with reality and patience and you have the perfect recipe for “riding high in the saddle.”

Typically, all of us (except those who are egomaniacs) underplay our abilities.  We don’t “blow our own horn” enough because we have been sent one or many of the following messages:

  • “You are a woman and it is unladylike…”
  • “There is a fine line between assertiveness and aggressiveness;
  • You have low self-esteem and tend not to believe that you are “that good;”
  • You have a life long disability and are always “working against the tide” and incorrect stereotypes;
  • You have been a victim of intimate partner abuse.  As a person who has experienced IPV, you have been told you are “stupid, worthless, lazy, a moron, fat “etc.; over and over like a broken record;
  • You were never given the opportunity to shine — ‘Never placed in an environment in which you could grow;
  • You never had cheerleaders, mentors or supporters who appreciated your gifts or who were excited about your achievements. [LJ- *** this last point is worth its weight in gold! It can be intoxicating and great fun!  It’s everything!  It’s success!]

 If there is any justice in the world, it shouldn’t take an appearance on Oprah before someone pays attention!  Many of us have tried to do it ourselves- to achieve that ultimate success.  However, promotion can be a slippery business in the sense that the interest can be up or down at any given moment … just like the stock market …  (even though we’re working our butts off all the time!)

Enter stage left— a  GREAT publicity company –

Caution:  Resume mills and expensive job coaches have their place in the school of hard knocks.  Ladyjustice has tried them all.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking that your resume will automatically raise to the top on its merits, like the cream in your coffee. ‘Not so! [A few exceptions can be noted with success in the current flurry of TV talent shows… but the odds are long, the judges are cruel, and the journey is oh so painful!]

So, who is good at blowing their own horn and successful? (Mostly due to great publicity, no doubt…)

Disclaimer – The following list of people are not necessarily endorsed/approved people by this writer. They are mere examples of the point being made.

Nancy Grace- The Diva of Crime Drama – Sensationalistic reporting has overtaken her once fine prosecutorial skills and insightful views.  ‘A self- promoter for sure…

Rush Limbaugh– The National Radio Host “Windbag”…. Need I say more about “Blowing your own horn??”

Senator Joseph Lieberman – Admittedly did some great things re helping to establish the September 11th Commission and Homeland Security.  However, he is a hanger on politico since 1987, and switches parties like changing his socks.    He is currently an Independent Democrat (ID-CT) What??

Dr Frank Ryan– A famous Hollywood plastic surgeon that died in 2010 at 50, trying to reach the pinnacle of sand dunes with his jeep. 

Geno Auriemma -has redefined the meaning of success in college women’s basketball in his 21 years as head coach of the University of Connecticut.  He is also a conglomerate of business; loved dearly or hated…

During his illustrious tenure, Auriemma has transformed the UConn program into the standard that all others are measured, both on and off the court. Under his guidance, the Huskies have been transformed from a team with only one winning record to one which includes five national championships, eight Final Fours and 27 BIG EAST titles since Auriemma’s arrival in 1985.

On the court, Geno‘s success includes five national championships and complete dominance in the Big East Conference. Off the court, success means a flawless graduation rate and one of the most beloved sports teams in the country. This unmatched success, which is the standard for collegiate programs nationally, was recognized with Auriemma’s induction into both the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield, Mass.) and the Women Basketball Hall of Fame (Knoxville, Tenn.) in 2006. He currently ranks among the winningest active coaches in terms of winning percentage at .835 and is the first coach in women’s basketball history to guide a team to five consecutive Final Four appearances. He enters the season needing just 11 wins to become the 13th coach in NCAA Division I history to total 600 career victories.

Geno Auriemma is a five-time national coach of the year and has been named the Big East coach of the year six times. His 21-year overall record stands at 589-116 (.835), one of the best winning percentages among active Division I coaches and he is the second fastest coach overall to eclipse the 500-win mark – taking just 599 games to reach the milestone.

Ladyjustice says…. IF you have earned the effort and achieved success, go ahead and BLOW YOUR OWN HORN, PARTNER! On the other hand, if you’re a BLOWHARD, SHUT UP!


Donna/ “Ladyjustice”


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