Riding in the Back Seat Long Enough??

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Have you been “riding in the back seat long enough,” just tagging along for the ride? Or… have you been “thrown under the bus” by friends, family or heartless would-be employers who could not see what you have to offer?

Finding a new career or a new endeavor to generate extra money is frequently like taking a walk through a mine field without the proper advice.  You only have “X number of dollars” to spend… and you have even less time to chase down leads while competing with the masses… And then, there’s the holiday season…

The holidays take their toll on your wallet, your time, your energy, your motivation.  And if you are unemployed, the “holiday spirit and happiness factor” are probably severely running on empty.  Lest we forget… the social media landscape is not for the faint of heart. However, Ladyjustice has “dipped her toes in the water” in recent weeks and found some rewards.  Some people do respond. Business is picking up. There are the beginnings of a following.  The lifeblood of LJ’s writings is circulating…Ultimately, that new career may be “just over the hill and around the corner.”

The beauty of signing on with a special interest marketing and publicity company for this busy single professional is that things are always happening behind the scenes!!!  You do not have to be sitting at your computer 24/7 to be productive. After a detailed “get to know you period,” you can pretty much hand over the reins to the trusted PR professional when you’re not there. He or she can “steer the ship” with input from you…

Big Versus Small

What’s the difference between a Cadillac and a Mini Cooper?  ‘Plenty of difference.  However, that doesn’t mean that bigger is always better.  Ladyjustice has worked in all sectors, big medium and small.  In this blogger’s humble opinion, for specific purposes such as targeting what you need as an individual and taking a personal interest, the smaller the better. (Muy Importante!).  “Small” translates to personal service, off hour’s consultations, growth opportunities to “spread your wings” that you otherwise might not have considered! Perhaps the only downside to a smallish PR company is the lack of “deep pockets” to dip into.  But this is where ingenuity and creativity come into play…. That’s what marketing is all about – think out of the box!

Ladyjustice has engaged in a lot of the following “Backseat behaviors” and is now in the “front seat”

Back Seat Behavior

“Making a few calls;”

Getting drawn into the resume mill companies;

Settling for the first line of rejection (Not even trying to get past the receptionist);

Falling for gimmicks;

Filling your resume with “strung together adjectives” that don’t mean anything;

Not going beyond your comfort zone;

Using your lack of technology as an excuse for not doing “X;”

Not trusting others who may have a different point of view regarding what you need to achieve your goals;

Front Seat Behavior

Taking a risk with your new PR person;

Learning how to network;

Creating a skill or service that others need in today’s world;

Getting your message across in as many media forms as possible;

Obtaining good recommendations;

Offering to help others may create new situations that benefit you!

Organizing your priorities and be ready to sacrifice;

Working Hard, Working Hard, Working Hard!

So what does this all mean?  It means that you have to seek out the “right company.”  It can be a long search, or, in this writer’s case, incredible luck!  Should you like Ladyjustice’s philosophy, I cannot recommend a company more highly than the one with that blue and green quill.  Make a beeline to Imagine Publicity if you “are too good to be lost in the shuffle, too good to be forgotten.”

Imagine Publicity may be the ticket to success for you.  So… treat yourself!


Donna R. Gore, M.A.                                                                                                                  Homicide Survivor –“Ladyjustice”                                                    www.donnagore.com                                                                                                                   

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