“Cool Things” Done by LadyJustice’s Family Members

Everyone has accomplishments in life.  However, this blogger isn’t referring to the usual.  She’s not referring to the killer cheesecake your Mom makes…or your grandpa’s international beer can collection.

Ladyjustice refers to those cool things that stick in your mind about your family member that permeates your memory when you think of them….    One recent sleepless night this blogger conjured up the following list. In fact, one or two might be significant enough for a 1950’s style newspaper headline.  So, if the reader will indulge LJ.

  • LJ’s mother, now in her late 70’s, had the rare distinction of “joining the boys” in high school shop class in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.  Whether homemaking was full or whether she chose it, LJ cannot recall.  The point is, she learned to read blue prints in that class.  It came in handy, when in later years she worked for hospital administrators who employed construction managers for new projects.   LJ can picture her with the hard hat!  ‘Wanna build a new house?  ‘Just call my Mom for ideas…
  • There are so many instances in which Mom sacrificed much to keep up with all of the multiple surgeries, physical therapy, MD appointments etc… in order that Ladyjustice reached her high level of functioning both physically and educationally.  One cannot possibly list her achievements or thank her enough all in the name of motherhood!

HEADLINE:  “Mother Raises Amazing Child with 55 Surgeries!”


  • LJ’s father was a self made man and accomplished much in his own way.  One of them being an expert carpenter.  Another was accomplishing  the title of New England Motorcycle Racing Champion many times over in the 1950’s and 60’s.    In our recreation room, he built a one of a kind lighted trophy case to house all of the trophies bestowed upon him.  Invariably, when we had playmates, one of the first stops on the tour was to see “the trophy case.” There must have been 100 trophies in there! LJ can still remember the look of awe on those little faces…

HEADLINE: “Gore Wins Championship…Again!” (And the crowd goes wild!!!)

LJ’s sister, “the middle child” is very artsy crafty.  Her examples of needlework and Christmas ornaments abound.   So, when it came to putting together a virtual tapestry of Ladyjustice’s life for an important California presentation, her sister was the one to run the show, spending many hours in its construction.  This “tapestry work of art exhibit” has yet to be revealed by LJ and Imagine Publicity (Maybe when we get around to it one of these days…)

HEADLINE:  “Amazing  Display of Creative Storybook Artistry!”

LJ’s brother, “the only boy in a sea of girls” was the little hero, as told to LJ when he was less than two years old.    Ladyjustice had returned home from school one afternoon and went to her room to change into her play clothes.  (At this stage,  little Ladyjustice” was 5 years older than “little brother”, and into the full regime of orthopedic surgeries, vocal cord surgeries , physical therapy etc.)

On that afternoon, little LJ attempted to undress and caught her slip on the metal trachea piece inserted into her throat allowing her to breathe.  Ladyjustice struggled and could not remove her clothing, nor could she talk or breathe. With her mother in another room for a few minutes,  “little brother” observed the struggle and distress , running into the other room and attempted to alert Mom , thus saving LJ from a serious consequence!

HEADLINE:  “Toddler Rescues Sister from Near Suffocation” 

  • Ladyjustice’s paternal grandmother spent a lot of time with her growing up as she lived upstairs from the nuclear Gore family for many years in three family homes.  She worked three jobs during the depression to raise her son as a single mother.  One job was a sales clerk at a posh downtown Hilton Hotel at the sundries/cigar counter.  She waited on Jack Benny and Carol Channing …and did a great imitation of Ms. Channing’s deep voice, hopelessly searching through a huge purse for something.
  • Nana also thought it would be a good idea for little Ladyjustice to “keep working her hands” as LJ had some mild delays with fine motor coordination.  Nana taught LJ to type on a classic Royal typewriter and tried to teach her to knit as well.  LJ can type, but is not a “touch typist”, makes occasional mistakes and, as a consequence, takes “longer than the average bear” to finish her blogs.
  • “Betty or Elizabeth N. Gore” as she was called, picked up the nasty habit of cigarette smoking like all of the “pre-war women”, believing it was glamorous….    Raleigh’s was her brand… and LJ recalls all of those coupons they used to attach to each packet to earn “things” kind of like S & H green stamps.  Anyway…  LJ was residing in Phoenix prior to Nana’s demise.  However, that Mother’s Day, Ladyjustice and Nana had a good chat reminiscing.  The main topic of conversation was that after 69 consecutive years of smoking, Nana had quit “cold turkey” just two years before.  LJ told her how very proud she was of her for this achievement!   In the end, Nana passed away quietly one day sitting in her usual chair ,with a cup of tea at her side… and just laid her head back… to cross over to the other side.

HEADLINE:   “Women Quits Smoking Cold Turkey… after 69 Years!”


  • Ladyjustice has done many Cool, Cool Things! (Just read her blogs…. )But one that is not written about, and one for which she is most proud, is a creative endeavor completed for her sister.

LJ’s sister once lived in a historic house in Suffield, CT ,built in 1723 that was in part a tavern where George Washington drank or slept.  Cool!  It also included a “round wall” in the living room… As a surprise gift,  Ladyjustice meticulously researched the history of the house at the local library, located funny little anecdotes of the time , wrote a cohesive narrative, had it written by a calligrapher, obtained copies of the  original black and white photos and had it framed.  Ladyjustice loved that gift and  wonders where  her “masterpiece of creativity” is after all these years, Holly?  (Last time she checked, it was hung in her sister’s basement…. )

HEADLINE:  “Women Completes Project:  Wonderful Historic Tavern Once Visited by George Washington

So much for Cool Little Things!


‘See you around the Ranch!




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