Life in the Cockpit at ImaginePublicity

                (A mostly satirical look at what it must be like… from the imagination of Ladyjustice)

Now that Ladyjustice has embraced two full time jobs – one with state government to “bring home the bacon” and the other very fulfilling and time consuming task to re-inventing oneself yet again for the future, she often wonders how all this public relations -marketing , social media stuff is accomplished.

LJ knows a few things about how it’s done the “old fashioned way,” before social media.  How our Administrator and Madam President, Ms. Delilah guides us through the morass to create “us” in today’s world remains a mystery to this blogger.  It seems that you have to be part juggler, researcher, negotiator, voracious reader, confidant, soul sister and airplane pilot!

Ladyjustice is the exception to the rule standing among a variety of authors of another kind.  But that’s okay…..   This blogger is a writer just the same, a service provider and fierce advocate for many causes, most particularly WHEN IT COMES TO CRIME!  This blogger can’t change anything when it comes to her disability or sexual orientation.  It is what it is…  So, the focus and passion is best spent on those things in which you can make a small dent, like little tiny paint chips!   Ladyjustice shares the ongoing frustration of Susan Murphy Milano…..  All clients of ImaginePublicity have this frustration.-just like soul sisters and brothers.  You can read it in their writings, see it in their videos.

LJ is working on a “secret project “in the basement with the encouragement and endorsement of ImaginePublicity.” When it will be ready is anyone’s guess….  In the meantime, its stay the course, adjust your flaps and sail with the opportunities along the way….

This cockpit is most probably a big, big desk filled with books, sharpies, yellow stickies, press releases, client biographies, clippings, articles, ideas, phone and resource lists, an old cup of coffee or two ….   And the best part – all of those gadgets – How does one update all of the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google entities.  “Delilah the pilot” has to keep track of the tweets, twitters, postings, number of hits, geographic source of hits, client requests, client reminders, billing, bookings, upcoming events, scouring search engines, marketing publications for the “latest and greatest methods in 2011 etc. etc.   LJ recently had the experience of the “numbers gone crazy”- several hundred for one particular blog with no clear explanation.   We tried to identify the sources, but could not….  Oh well, such things defy explanation at times…just as heinous crimes do!  The pilot stayed  the course and continues to monitor, as always!

Does “the pilot” have to sit at the controls all day?  Apparently not… a few things are on autopilot. Yikes… it makes Ladyjustice dizzy!

The pace of client activities can be just as dizzying! Consider the esteemed author Diane Fanning.  Diane was everywhere…. all the time, during the fervor and outrage days of the Caylee Anthony case.  She is always working on new projects.  But, at least she doesn’t have to worry as much about if she packed “the right shoes” for a TV appearance while working on her latest book.

Sandra L. Brown she has a special key to unlock the inner workings of the pathological mind…  Fascinating!  Anny Jacoby, Lynn Twyman and Lisa Michels – all fierce advocates for our teens against the forces of evil re domestic violence and sexual abuse;  Barry Goldstein, the researcher, academic, teacher who fights against the forces of injustice that pervade the courtroom as well as the personal lives of women.  Jillian Maas Backman has that special way of connecting with our spirits, our energy, and our vibration and strives to heal our tired souls….   Peter Hyatt has more to say about vocabulary, linguistics, and what isn’t said than anyone….

Susan Murphy Milano…  Well, she’s indescribable in this blogger’s opinion.  She is the main cheerleader for all of us.  She has the phone permanently affixed to her ear in the name of communication and righting the injustices , no matter how small or large…   And so it goes, on and on and on…

And there is “Pilot Delilah” at the controls….   “Tower, this is ImaginePublicity.  Are we clear to land?”

Tower:  “Negative, keep soaring!”



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