Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce… Plain Murder on a Bun

“Oh dear, Oh dear and a bottle of beer, if I wasn’t married, I wouldn’t be here….” Ladyjustice learned this little ditty as a child… but oh how it takes on a new meaning now! 

It has been nearly a year in October since this author began her training at “ImaginePublicity University” with exposure to such fine writers…..  I dare say that what LJ knew about the intricacies of domestic violence or intimate partner homicide, you could put in several thimbles….  Now it is a MUCH DIFFERENT STORY.

As LJ was surfing the web, recovering from hand surgery nearly a year ago and happened upon the fiery red inferno of Susan Murphy Milano’s website… well, the rest is history as they say….  Ladyjustice thought she knew quite a bit about particular victim issues, but oh how she has learned from others! 

However, once introduced in the topic of intimate partner homicide by Susan Murphy Milano, LJ “fell hook, line and sinker” for this issue and the plight of all   missing persons after learning about the life path that she has chosen as a consequence of her horrendous childhood attributed to her perpetual abuser-murdering father.  To borrow a line from a Tom Cruise movie, looking back on it, “you had me from the word hello.”   Let me tell you, no matter what we have all experienced in life, it isn’t hard to be a cheerleader for someone who has overcome so much and at the same time accomplished so much! 

This blogger was used to “plain murder” as her personal life experience when her Dad was murdered.   In comparison to the plight of others, the crime itself was relatively uncomplicated, like ordering a hamburger with nothing on it…   There was much pain and grief, extenuating circumstances and unbelievable levels of incompetence and miscommunication at times. However, the solvability factor, as they say on Crimewire, was high. 

Although he was robbed, set up by a female accomplice, riddled with 5 to 6 bullets, there was no kidnapping, sexual assault, personal torture, extended period in which he was missing. There was no “special sauce, pickles, onion.” There was no arson, personal restraints, ransom, or intimate partner violence.    No lettuce cheese, ketchup or fries…

The expertise and gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Diane Fanning, Sandra Brown, Jillian Maas Backman, Anny Jacoby, Denny Griffin, Vitto Collucci,  Lynn Twyman, Barry Goldstein,  Monica Caison, Janice Smolinski, Dr. Laurie Roth….The list goes on and on…   And… how to express gratitude for the person who puts it all together so well, who puts up with Ladyjustice’s whims, endless questions and ideas at all times of the day and night- Delilah Jones!  Impossible to do it without her!

As I continue on with a second year in the company of such fine individuals who advocate for others, and continue to see the crime in epidemic proportions that the general public doesn’t see… as I continue to try to fight the battle in my own way on behalf of others….  As I see my dear friend, Dr. Bill Petit, Jr. tortured again beyond belief….  I am thankful for so many thinks and so many people!

 Thank you everyone who is a client of ImaginePublicity for what you have offered me! Thank you God for helping me pursue my aspirations! Thank you for small blessings such as “plain hamburger homicide”.

Here’s to another great year!




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