Twenty Seven Minutes for Twenty Two Years of Agony

(Ladyjustice Commentary)


Ladyjustice writes this as we in New England are on the brink of the worst hurricane to strike in years…  This hurricane will be nothing compared to the pain and anguish experienced by the Carone family. 

A love of family can take many forms – even destructive forms.

That was “the excuse” for aiding and abetting the fugitive son of Frederick Zachs after his son committed murder in 1987.  Peter Carone lay dead with a bullet in his back following an off handed comment about spin shining the bar……    Who would do such a thing? This man, Adam Zachs was a virtual time bomb waiting to explode.  And, Peter got in the way…. 

Adam Zachs was coddled and protected all his life.  He appeared to never succeed at anything much…except murder.

Ladyjustice was there.  She saw first hand the torment and the injustice.  She witnessed the dignity and grace with which Addie Carone conducted herself.  She saw the lies told to the judge by the Zachs family about safeguarding Adam’s environment and returning him to begin his incarceration. 

Ladyjustice saw the Carone family’s considerable efforts and perseverance in the passage of groundbreaking legislation so that a convicted killer could never be released on bond again…. 

For 22 long years, no one grew a conscience, no one turned him in.  He was not just on the run like the David Jansen character. His family’s dirty money helped create a whole new identity for Adam, a computer business, a marriage and two children in Mexico.  

‘Fast forward to August 2011.  Now is indeed time for Frederick Zachs to once again face the Carone family.  

On Friday, August 26, 2011  (The birthday of LJ murdered father) ,his attorney called him a “prototypical perfect citizen.”

Judge Janet Bond Arterton called it a “lose-lose situation and a “theft of justice.” She continued… 

“This concept that he acted out of love for his son is not devotion, but criminal activity,” Arterton said. “This is a crime that could have been stopped at a very early stage and the ripples and ramifications we see today could have been minimized.’ 

Frederick Zachs never once apologized in 22 years and that was what Addie needed most.  Kathleen O’Brien, Peter’s fiancé said in court Friday that her life changed forever that night. She has never married and lived with the stress of never knowing if Adam Zachs would be caught. 

Frederick Zachs received the maximum, sentence of six months in jail, 3 years probation and a $5,000 fine.  His sentence  is to begin by September 27, to be served at the Federal Correctional Institute in Otisville, NY.   Such a pitiful sentence for a prolonged inhumane act!  Let’s hope that the elder Mr. Zachs is monitored closely before he begins his sentence! 

This chapter is now closed for the Carone family… Future chapters we hope will be a bit brighter with Peter observing from his place in heaven. 

With Respect and Love,



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