Somewhat Bedazzled and Occasionally Frazzled…. Life as a Single Professional “In a State of Inertia”

Ladyjustice has been single forever and a day… and wouldn’t know what to make of the situation if there was a significant other leaving dirty socks around… 

Recently, LJ was driving to work, her mind racing as usual… and a question arose as to how many readers could actually relate to living the solitary single professional life with primarily one focused goal.   It was like a stream of consciousness with so many bits and pieces to take care of… This author cannot relate to having babies, being a soccer Mom or cutting many coupons. 

The seeming mundaneness of it all would throw this blogger into a tizzy…

‘Just like that character Jeff Jeffries in “Rear Window.” The action photographer of the jungle and deserts would never “settle” for the ordinary.  Now, don’t jump to conclusions, that kind of personal fulfillment is fine for many… but not for Ladyjustice.  It just doesn’t fit in with the history. 

We singles maintain the illusion that we can handle it all…  We are in control… We are organized and highly productive… We have to be….  We bedazzle and expect from ourselves what others “in their right minds” and Type B personalities would never consider.  Ladyjustice fills in whatever spaces with more projects and tasks and necessary chores.  …just until that right person wants to make her a priority – [the ultimate compliment in this life].  She never learned the fine art of relaxation. [‘Just like her father].  

This blogger doesn’t have a cat or dog. She is not an animal person, but is very much a people person.   If it weren’t for the fact that a little kitten or scatter rug is a potential trip hazard for LJ, there’s no nurturing to be found by the furry ones… 

Ladyjustice once tripped over her vacuum cleaner while cleaning and broke it!  Enter a once a month cleaning lady from Poland who does a fine job for “neat nick” Ladyjustice.  And… Renata never trips over her own cleaner!     

This single professional is perpetually “running on empty for either gasoline for the car (CT has the second highest prices in the nation) or groceries -that evil but necessary chore.  [‘Also very costly here]. 

LJ just can’t seem to keep up with these two!

The organization is pretty much down to a science….  This author even bubble wrapped all of her knick knacks and most of her pictures on the wall about a year ago…. for purposes of a quick getaway and “to be ready to move to San Diego mode.”    The moving van is paid for and on hold….  

Ladyjustice attends the Church of the Blessed Whirlpool (Washer and Dryer) religiously every Sunday morning.  However, God will forgive her, as she prays everywhere, is spiritual, compassionate and giving to a fault. 

This author maintains the survivalist philosophy of even though you are singally responsible for everything getting done in life, LJ refuses  to devote her entire weekend tochores errands, bill paying, laundry, meal making etc.  Therefore, it’s three or four errands after work each day and dinner at 7 pm or later.   Oh, the “molasses line” at the post office, where LJ is a fixture.  By the time she gets to the sole workstation, she facetiously asks, “Are you serving dinner today?” 

Ladyjustice is very dedicated and involved with her clients eight hours a day and sometimes longer or on her own time.  The wide variety of crisis response LJ contends with on a daily basis would try anyone’s soul. 

These are people on the fringe of life with multiple disabilities barely eking out an existence.  Sadly, they are not the pride and joy of anyone.

 In fact, they are disconnected from or without any family.  No one else at LJ’s government agency wants to work with them because….. They do not show potential and they are so sheltered from the real world view, often with an entitlement mentality.   Ladyjustice has needed a change for quite sometime, but cannot forsake the security of a job with benefits just yet… 

If suddenly LJ went missing and appeared in a Susan Murphy Milano Journal article [Horrid thought!] the predictability and time line would be fairly easy, as this author lives in her “state of inertia” until she can make the next great opportunity happen. 

 ***Don’t be fooled into thinking that “just because you are bright, educated, attractive, experienced, etc. etc.,” that opportunity comes knockin’ at your door while you are watching CSI … It doesn’t work like that!  You really, really have to work at creating your opportunities and not expect others to do it for you… You have to be prepared to sacrifice normalcy. 

This in and of itself is a herculean task when you also have a full time job…. Any spare time ….is devoted to the pursuits on behalf of special people at Imagine Publicity in addition to 

What would a typical timeline be for a typical day in LJ’s abode?  What would Tom Shamsack or Denny Griffin look for in locating the life that belongs to Ladyjustice currently? 

Well, there wouldn’t be any blood, or cigarette butts or alcohol or McDonald’s wrappers around. No unmade bed [Yes, Holly Hughes, Ladyjustice does use hospital corners! Ha!] No dishes in the sink, junk mail is immediately brought to the dumpster en route to the house…. 

Tom and Denny would locate packed boxes of books, furniture, a cheery voicemail message on the answering machine and lots of writing materials in the computer room. Everything spent over two dollars is written in an accounting book; and the car keys always go on the little shelf by the door… 

There once was a great invention… probably in the 60’s called casserole dishes. They are the perfect one dish meals for busy people.   Ladyjustice delights in using this every day to bake her fish, poultry, beef or most other entrees with fresh vegetables …. And maybe a starch.   Eureka…, you have your balanced meal at the ding of the timer while busy on the computer answering e-mails, writing the endless story blogs etc….  June Cleaver would have liked it that LJ is carrying on the tradition! 

Speaking of inventions… Isn’t that streaming video and radio technology great?  The other day, Ladyjustice had Crimewire for breakfast!   This blogger has heard other shows in the shower … Well, not really!  You just push the little button back to the part you missed! 

Ladyjustice seriously doubts she will transform herself into slob of the century or even slow down if Ms. Right appears on the scene in the future! 

About 30 years ago, LJ shared a condo with her dear friend, Shirl.  It was an “Oscar and Felix” existence. For 5 1/2 years, there was this running “argument discussion” about,   “I don’t have time to put things away” versus “If you put things where they go, you’d find them a lot easier and save time…”   Ahhhh, those were the days….    We both are still “forever single.”



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