After 30 Years….. (Anniversary Tribute to Don Gore (8-26-1933–4-17-1981)


What would a Father Say Now… 

A man of modest upbringing with a courageous mother who held three jobs during World War II to raise her single child; 

A young man with much ambition and a quick learner who became a skilled carpenter-contractor building and remodeling many a structure… 

Who had a young impressionable, spirited daughter who just happened to have a physical disability…. and walked with the assistance of heavy metal braces and had too many orthopedic surgeries to count…. 

This daughter spent endless hours watching her father “build things” in the family garage…. 

And…. almost every Saturday or Sunday they travelled to “the races”

(Motorcycle Scrambles) to watch her father race as aNew EnglandChampion in the 1950’s and 60’s… 

This father would make the effort to visit this daughter every day when hospitalized for laryngeal – vocal cord surgeries 33 times every 3 to 6 weeks…. Or her orthopedic surgeries 17 times or so… 

This father was a landlord of inner cityHartfordproperties with his undaunted mother.  This little girl oldest of three, who loved to go “collect the rents with Nana” every Saturday in her big Pontiac station wagon that looked like a hardware store and stop for lunch… 

This father was not satisfied with one job, one career and always strived to make a better path for his family of five…. 

He bought and managed tavern-restaurants, auto body and auto dealer businesses too….   Work ethic was strong…..  relaxation minimal except for motorcycle racing…. 

And then he was stuck down in his prime at the age of 47 on the verge of a profitable new business…. 

He never saw it coming, never had a chance against five shots to vital organs… 

Hopefully he would be proud of: 

A wife who has survived and made a life in spite of such horrendous circumstances when so few victim services were available… 

Two married children who have carved out lives with their spouses, enjoying those things that are meaningful to them…. 

And one grandchild who is a college graduate, bright and beautiful and eager to delve into her first career … 

And there is that “disabled daughter” who has overcome much and attempted to help and inspire so many… in all walks of life during several career paths… 

Whose middle name is “advocate” and looking to begin a different life with new challenges and fascinations in Southern California…to continue to fill her insatiable intellectual curiosity and other needs put on hold …. 

Would he be proud…..  I think so… 

We miss you, Dad! 

Love Always, 



  1. There’s no doubt he’d be proud of his ENTIRE family Donna- and especially you! Another beautifully written piece. Thanks for sharing and my thoughts continue to be with you.

    Love, Shirl

  2. […] It all began when this blogger hosted a Woman’s Sunday Brunch gathering within a major hotel in an elite community in central Connecticut.  One Sunday, a new guest, “Madam X” arrived.  She was small in stature, was well scrubbed, freckle faced and appeared “too cute” in looks and personality for words.  In fact, unbeknownst to LJ, she not only strolled in, but rode in on her motorcycle. (Motorcycles are hardly foreign objects to this blogger.  Please refer to past blog- After 30 Years….. (Anniversary Tribute to Don Gore (8-26-1933–4-17-1981)  […]

  3. Donna,
    The tribute to your dad touched me. My dad always said your dad was the best motorcycle racer around and sounds like he was the best dad you could ever wish for. Donna you always amazed me as kid growing up how you never quit and it seems nothing has changed. I wish you the best in all you do.
    Your friend,
    Jeff Simonds

    • Hi Jeff: What a surprise and an honor to have your comments posted today! Thanks so much! I hope you and your family are well! If you’ve read my website, you know what I’ve been doing with my life….. How many years has it been? It would be lovely to meet again someday! Give my best to your Dad. What a great guy!

  4. dear donna,im an bike racer ,and raced against your dad many times my god he was tough and so very fast,i rode a matchless as he did,and triumphs after that,DON GOREwas a hell of a man, god bless,,R.J.PINTO #51,,ARRINGTON ,VA.

    • Mr. Pinto: I’m very pleased that you responded! It is wonderful to hear from one of my Dad’s fans. I so appreciate your comments. I will also relay them to my mother.

      My Best Always!


  5. Dear Donna,
    You have much to be proud of as does your family. It’s a wonderful tribute to a very special man. The stories of him carrying you to so many surgeries, etc. how could you not have anything but love in your heart for this man you called dad!
    Faith & Denny

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