Tales of the City “How to Make San Diego A Better Place”

Bright, single woman seeking to trade in her east coast situation for sunny San Diego Career…

Will trade 80 inches of snow for a few grains of beach sand;
This Master’s level professional promises to accomplish much while maintaining a positive attitude including:

1) Solving the immigration problem by extraditing all rich tax evaders from La Jolla and Hollywood to Mexico to work on border patrol, in exchange for hard worker soon- to- be-citizens;

2) ‘Decrease State deficit by 50% as per Executive Order of Governor Jerry Brown. Mandatory weekly Linda Ronstadt concerts $10.00 per person;

3) Distribute excess money from overpaid Bell California municipal officials by establishing “Bank of Bell- San Diego”;

4) Eliminate unemployment and homelessness by mandating every military officer “Take a Vet to Work Day” 365 days per year….

But seriously…. Extensive experience in crime victim advocacy, professional and creative writing, state government service, Clinical Healthcare/Rehabilitation therapy; Social-Human Services/Case Management, Eldercare and Disability Ombudsman, Event Planning, etc.

Serious employers are welcome to inquire to Ladyjustice via Administrator!

Email:  contact@imaginepublicity.com

Phone:  843.808.0859

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  1. This unique article, “Tales of the City “How to Make San Diego A Better Place” | Donna R.
    Gore” T I S illustrates that you really fully understand precisely what you are communicating about!

    I personally entirely agree with your blog. With thanks

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