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A grandes males, grandes remedies! Gang culture will not be tolerated…


A grandes males, grandes remedies!

(Big Troubles Call for Big Remedies!)

Gang culture will not be tolerated…

According to the Gospels, when Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been killed, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place near Bethsaida. The crowds followed Jesus on foot. When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick. The disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food.”

Jesus said,“But we only have five loaves of bread and two fish for them,” said the disciples.  Jesus directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fishes and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Jesus and the disciples gave the loaves and fishes to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. Approximately five thousand men, in addition to women and children were fed that miraculous day!

What a life lesson! Miracles do occasionally happen. One such miracle is the miracle of the MAG Coalition. The heart and soul of this organization is Yuli Alonso Garza and her community in Imperial Valley, California.  From the tragedy and loss of her beloved son, Martin Alberto Garza, a better quality of life away from gang culture is being fostered! The community has embraced this cause wholeheartedly for the betterment of all  and much has been accomplished since that dark night of January 6, 2013 when Martin’s life was snuffed out.

The next chapter, the judicial chapter, has stalled like a sputtering engine starting and stopping, causing  much frustration.  However, the Garza family rises above and looks to God. They are hopeful and confident, relying on the wisdom of a higher power and faith in the criminal justice system.  It is at this intersection, once a trial and eventual sentencing date is set, that a victim impact statement can be provided to the court from families like the Garzas. The statement customizes their thoughts and feelings and creates a lasting, positive, impact,  painting a true picture and presence in the courtroom for who the victim truly was!  (Victim Impact Assistance Service available)

Shattered Lives Radio welcomed Yuli Garza  back for a special update following the initial show. Please listen to the Podcast of the original radio show for more detail about Yuli’s son, Martin, and the case at hand.  The outcome has yet to be revealed. Patience is a virtue, and the Garza family is virtuous, and we are hopeful that they will be victorious.


·         Introduction to our guest;

·         A stellar 17 year old  with a full life ahead of him and abruptly stuck down

·         The importance of MEN getting involved in the lives of their children and communities

·         Are gangs glamorized in Southern California?

·         The Letterman Jacket program “GO BIG OR GO HOME FUN RAISER” – a model activity

·         The court process and the importance of the California Gang Enhancement Statutes: “The California Step Act:”

·         A new reality…

·         CONTACT INFO:
MAG Coalition    PO BOX 1639  Brawley, California 92227



Questions- Preguntas!

·         What were some of the qualities that made Martin such a special young man?

·         What were the circumstances surrounding the crime?

·         How did the family cope?

·         How does the highest unemployment rate impact crime in the Imperial Valley?

·         What is the easiest way to acquire funds for kids?

·         Is rehabilitation and prevention part of the MAG Coalition?

·         What was the pilot program about concerning the Letterman Jacket program?

·         What does the blue and gold colors represent?

·         What kinds of community partners have joined and what has been the benefit to students?

·         What is the significance of the Gang enhancement statutes to the Garza’s case?

·         What does “one day at a time“ truly mean now over a year later?

·         How did Yuli commemorate the first anniversary of Martin’s death and a future project?

·         What is her long range goal for MAG?


The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

A grandes males, grandes remedies! Gang culture will not be tolerated…

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The “Maze” of Crime Scene Investigation According to Pete Valentin

The maze of Longleat House

The maze of Longleat House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“They want to have answers … This is a difficult one….” Dr. Henry C. Lee

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.” 

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is at the crossroads in which ideas intersect with perseverance that things get done. However, when it comes to solving crimes, whether determining a suicide, homicide or accidental death, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it, and if there is one important message from our guest, Peter Valentin, a forensic scientist, former Connecticut State Police detective, crime scene investigator, and professor at the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science, is that “slow and steady” generally wins the race.”

Never before in the history of civilization has life been so complex, so multi-layered, and fraught with policies, procedures, bureaucracies, legal considerations and ways in which the solving of a case can go wrong.  Citizens are given a steady stream of media messages that justice and answers should be quick and “figured out before the next commercial,” but not so in real life. The secret is to combine the best of both worlds; combining old fashioned detective, tried and true, methods with “science and gadgetry” as appropriate.

“Shattered Lives”  interviewed Pete Valentin for a second time, learning still more about the intricacies involved in crime scene investigation. Join us for this fascinating show!

Listen to the Podcast

  • Intimate Partner Violence PSA by Amy Robinson

    Peter Valentin

    Peter Valentin

  • Introduction to our guest, Peter Valentin
  • What is a prerequisite skill prior to getting to the “nitty-gritty” investigation?
  • Thought processes…the many aspects – detective work, scientific work and thinking beyond the obvious
  • Delilah asks about why many investigators rush to judgment by ruling a case a suicide versus a homicide and how can we prevent it?
  • Looking beyond the information and the source…
  • The importance of credible information and not taking short cuts…
  • There should be one standard of investigation and family involvement
  • The beginnings of an A to Z thorough investigation…
  • The first person on the scene….
  • Preservation of the crimes scene versus saving of a life…Which is more important?
  • What to know about witnesses and securing the scene….
  • People who make the discovery,  their recall and manipulation of the scene
  • Delilah on the interpretation of evidence and transfer… So many steps by so many people…
  • “After the emergency is over, I must leave…”
  • Search warrants- Carte blanche?
  • Documentation process- What’s involved?
  • Photography and videotaping…
  • Delilah asks about cold cases and the importance of preserving evidence…
  • DNA preservation…. What enhances, what destroys?
  • Ladyjustice asks if there is a benchmark or time period to be considered “Cold?”
  • Ladyjustice brings up the issue of backlogs and Pete’s strategies to deal with it…
  • Becoming smarter…. and collaborating…
  • The problem with integration and interpretation…
  • Advocacy- Sometimes less is more….
  • Doing tests- The best way to educate about the limitations of forensic science is ____?
  • Example – The Casey Anthony Trial and Duct Tape…
  • DNA and its probative value…
  • Ladyjustice asks about what crime victims can do to move a cold case along?
  • Questioning everything you believe on the “second look” – fact versus opinions
  • Less than forthcoming witnesses and attitudes over time….
  • Pete’s parting messages re the nature of Crime Scene Investigation….
  • Closing Intimate Partner Violence PSA by Amy Robinson

Questions for the Audience

  • How many sub-specialties are needed to be a competent crime scene analyst?
  • What is the difference between bringing your experience to the scene and “creating a bias?”
  • What is the hierarchy of assumptions as to the possible manner of death – Homicide, suicide or accidental death?
  • What is the important distinction between a county coroner and a forensic examiner?
  • Do you secure the scene or document as your first steps?
  • What is the responsibility of first responders initially re “transient evidence?”
  • What’s involved in a walk through?
  • What’s Pete’s opinion regarding narrated videotaping?
  • In the matter of cold cases, what’s the most important factor?
  • How long can preserved evidence last?
  • What is Pete’s definition of a “Cold Case?”
  • What’s the real issue with evidence and backlog?
  • What’s the threshold for solvability re crime scene examiners?
  • How do you manage the expectations of juries?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

 The “Maze” of Crime Scene Investigation According to Pete Valentin

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The Multi-Faceted Aspects of Murder- A Tutorial of “Murder 101”


At this point in time, in our American history, we are on the heels of the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination.  In 1963, we all were struck by a plethora of emotions – shock, disbelief, anger, incredible sadness and overwhelming collective grief. Why?  In my opinion, this President represented all that was new and spurred our hopes for a bright future. JFK captivated the nation and the world!  But… in truth, we didn’t know him personally. However, he captivated us as if he was a family member.  Just imagine… if a “political stranger’s” death can affect us in such a way, what must it be like when murder happens to our immediate family and friends?  That is the question… and the real life situation that tries many people’s souls.  How do we understand this type of loss as compared to other types?

“Shattered Lives” hosts invited as their guest, psychologist Alyssa Rheingold, Ph.D. of the National Crime Victims Center located at the Medical University of South Carolina to discuss such issues and try to answer the hard questions based upon her research and expertise.


  • Intimate Partner Violence PSA by Amy Robinson
  • Introduction to our guest
  • An overview of what homicide looks like…
  • LJ asks why there is not more research on homicide.
  • Alyssa explains what the Medical University of South Carolina offers
  • If you can’t come in…. they have clinicians that go to the home and do community visits
  • “These victims need more than a support group”- a hole in the needs of an underserved populationrheingold_13
  • Trainings and their program as a model
  • The level of preconceived planning – the crux of the terms murder versus homicide
  • Signs and symptoms common in homicide
  • Some variables- Stigma, law enforcement, media involvement,
  • Intensity, recovery time, greater risk of having other mental health problems
  • Delilah marvels about inner strength, the human spirit, rebounding and “coming to a fork in the road” What is it about the makeup of people?
  • Alyssa responds about resiliency – the factors involved
  • Ladyjustice personally “figuring out a way to cope successfully with homicide”
  • Ladyjustice asks about other problem areas that people may not always recognize
  • Example – When the breadwinner is murdered
  • When you begin to heal… and then the trial…
  • The dilemma of religion when a homicide occurs
  • Therapists working with homicide victims – Are they qualified?
  • Prolonged grief- What is it and what is done to get “unstuck?”
  • Discussion of positively reinforcing behaviors
  • LJ asks about progress of the trial and amount of grief– Are they emotionally linked.
  • What do you do with victims whose cases have gone cold? “Life on hold”
  • Delilah asks about families of missing persons and no “event” to overcome.
  • Discussion of those who need and respond best to counselling versus others
  • The problems with “friends”
  • Working with families and different styles of grieving
  • The holidays-  The stress and the grief
  • Alyssa’s advice:   “No shoulds” “Anything goes”  as long as it isn’t harmful
  • Being alone versus support on anniversary days and holidays…
  • Plan ahead for integrating your loved one into the holiday in some way
  • Entering the homicide support group setting- What it’s like? The bond of loss…
  • Alyssa’s advice – You are not alone… there is support and help out there if you reach out.
  • Discussion of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC ) and other victims beyond parents
  • Contact Information:  Dr. Alyssa A. Rheingold, Ph.D. c/o National Crime Victims Center, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina E-mail:

Questions for Listeners

  • How many people are killed via homicide each year?
  • How did their level of care at MUSC start?
  • What does their model of service consist of?
  • What’s the difference between the terms homicide versus murder?
  • How are my symptoms of grief with the passing of “Aunt Betty” different from grief in a homicide?
  • Are some people more prepared to withstand homicide- Why, or why-not?
  • Examples of cases- Managing beyond the system- What other complications can occur?
  • Do you have to “forgive” in order to move on?
  • What does an assessment for counseling entail?
  • How can victims work on their acceptance of the homicide?
  • How do you find enjoyment in things that remind you of your loved one?
  • Is there a medication for grief?
  • What are “okay” behaviors in grieving versus the need- timetable for counselling?
  • How can we get through the holidays in a better way after such a loss?
  • How can you feel more comfortable in a support group?
  • Where can you find a support group if you are not in a big city?

 The Multi-Faceted Aspects of Murder- A Tutorial of “Murder 101”

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

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The First Line of Defense: Safeguarding Victims of Trafficking- The Mission of Truckers Against Trafficking


Truckers Against Trafficking, human trafficking prevention, Shattered Lives Radio, Donna R. Gore

“A man’s conscience, like a warning line on the highway, tells him what he shouldn’t do –

but it does not keep him from doing it.”

Frank A Clark


We are forewarned by red flags in life, but often we don’t see them for whatever reason.  With each passing generation it appears that new forms of human degradation are created, whether out of greed, perversity, or pushing the boundaries of cultural acceptance.

In 2013, truckers, “the Good Samaritans of the Highways” are taking on a new charge.

Now, when I hear the dull roar of the truckers far in the distance on a sleepy morning, I will think twice, as a new appreciation abounds.

Set against the backdrop of all kinds of potential hazards, regulations, fragile cargo, time constraints, and family who are oh so faraway, there is yet another responsibility that those in the trucking industry have embraced, that of  a special kind of guardian angel at truck stops and plazas.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) educates, trains, empowers, and builds coalitions while being the first line of defense when victims literally “come knocking on their doors” at truck stops. Those dedicated to the cause of stopping this industry of exploiting children, young people, and vulnerable adults for profit MUST END. The chain of supply and demand must be disconnected, for the human toll is just too great!

TAT has taken the first steps, being the eyes and ears within the landscape they know so well, making vital connections to truck stop managers and the police when a situation “doesn’t feel right.”

Executive Director, Kendis Paris, and  Andy Anastasio, Jr.,TAT member and Chairman of the  Connecticut Motor Transport Association, were the featured guests during this episode of “Shattered Lives.”

Join us for this very enlightening story!


    LISTEN TO THE PODCAST of Truckers Against Trafficking

  • Introduction to our guestsTruckers Against Trafficking, Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, human trafficking
  • Andy speaks about the 93rd Annual Convention of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut…and his introduction of TAT to their Board of Directors
  • Kendis speaks of her experience as a keynote and the support of a State Trucking Association such as Connecticut’s
  • The evolution of Truckers Against Trafficking and explanation of goals
  • What is involved in coalition building and obtaining resources
  • Explaining the training DVD and the story of Sherry and her cousin Chrissy and a 13 state prostitution ring
  • New training for general managers of truck stop
  • Discussion of whether truckers should approach pimps and get directly involved
  • Delilah asks about the perception of truckers using truck stops for buying sex?
  • Andy responds… a very small minority of 9 million CDL drivers…
  • Video tape message-Three options for trafficking – invite them in, do nothing or make a phone call
  • “Working a truck stop”- What happens?
  • Getting the victims and a safe haven
  • The level of security at truck stops and suspicious activity on the “row”
  • A mind-set shift – Lot lizard versus “potential victim of human trafficking
  • Discussion of rest areas and where “more eyes need to be”
  • Goals- If every truck having a huge TAT sticker to deter traffickers and get arrested along the way
  • Delilah asks about interfacing with missing persons and truckers?
  • Kendis on some truckers and Amber Alerts, the Center of Missing & Exploited Children- “Mission Drift”
  • National Association of Truck Stop Operators – ;  National Association of Independent Truckers
  • Andy on Statistics- Is it that big a deal?
  • DOJ- 100-300,000 children in” sex for sale” in America
  • Discussion of the prolific industry of trafficking -32 billion 
  • How does it compare to drugs and arms trafficking?
  • Creation of TAT against the statistics and history of the hotline calls
  • Training is not extensive in length but IS impactful!
  • Ladyjustice asks how close they are to getting TAT stickers on all trucks and use of social media with 3 million drivers?
  • Training drivers with the wallet card is their priority
  • Polaris’s involvement with follow-up on cases and TAT’s desire to have more information re feedback in the future
  • Andy’s vision regional collaboration- with police, DMV, DOT and CT leaders in Washington for legislation.  Andy’s appointment to committees and Boards in Connecticut
  • Iowa DOT and an innovative Pilot Project using the training videos, at truck stops, mandatory compliance meetings,
  • Asset forfeiture laws  funding for TAT materials- Woo Hoo!
  • How to get involved;
  • Contact:   Get your own training video!


Questions Regarding Truckers Against Trafficking

What was the Board’s reaction to TAT?Truckers Against Trafficking

  • What are the main goals of TAT?
  • How many members are there in the trucking industry and how are they reached
  • How are truckers trained?
  • What is the importance of the wallet card?
  • Are truckers still the “knights of the highway?”
  • What are lot lizards?
  • Are we asking too much of truckers? How do those in the industry feel?
  • How many children were rescued& perps were arrested in the FBI Innocence Lost sting in three days?
  • How many calls have been received into the National Trafficking Hotline and its impact within the last three years?
  • Are they active legislatively?
  • Is the focus always state by state or are their regional organizations?
  • Everyone has a part to play…

The First Line of Defense: Safeguarding Victims of Trafficking- The Mission of Truckers Against Trafficking



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Listened to the Radio Lately? Take a Survey!

Listened to the radio, internet radio, call in talk show, shattered Lives

The internet has definitely changed the way people listen to radio, whether it be music, comedy, or serious talk radio.

My radio show, Shattered Lives, is the culmination of taking advantage of the opportunity the internet provides for anyone to become a radio host. Anyone who knows me knows I strive for the best, and I’ve put my consistent best out there on the airwaves for the benefit of all my current and future listeners.

In order to bring you the quality and diversity of shows I pride myself with, I’d like to know what you, my listeners and future listeners, would like to hear.

Take a quick minute for a poll, as well as leave comments pertaining to what sort of topics, guests, or entertainment you would like for the future. It’s your feedback and opinions that matter, after all, the show is for you, the listener!

Listened to the radio, Shattered LIves, internet radio, survey,

InsideLenz Radio Network

My show, Shattered Lives, has been focused on the aftermath of crime, mostly offering resources to the surviving victims, or victims themselves. We’ve also had some stellar guests to talk about a diverse range of subjects. Broadcasting each Saturday at 5pm Eastern, the show is on the InsideLenz Network on BlogTalk Radio where we share space with Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire, (currently on hiatus until 2014) and We Know a Guy with monthly host, Dennis Griffin.

InsideLenz Network has space available for other seasoned hosts and their shows, so if you’re interested in joining the network, please contact ImaginePublicity. ( for the details!

Don’t forget all the radio shows are on podcast after the live broadcast, so you can listen anytime while at the computer, your phone, or you can download the shows to listen at anytime, anywhere!

Feedback is much appreciated in the comment section as well!

Elaborate, suggest, give your opinion!

Our radio shows are offered as a means to educate, increase public awareness, assist others and entertain!

 Listened to the Radio Lately?  Take a Survey!

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KIDS AND TEENS IN COURT- A Program “of the Heart” at the Chadwick Center


“Toto… I Have A Feeling We’re not in Kansas Anymore….”  

Ahhh… the infamous words of an innocent little girl trying to find her way to the yellow brick road….  It’s pretty much the same feeling magnified a thousand-fold for innumerable numbers of children across the US and beyond, trying to understand, “How and why did I get here?”             This mahogheny fortress… this foreign place with black robes, strange language and grownups I’ve never seen before….   Where is Mommy? Where is my favorite toy?

It is in times of great stress, after the culmination of physical and /or sexual abuse or domestic –family violence, that a child is often “forced to tell” the circumstances of their ordeal… to face their accusers. The fact that a child would have to succumb to the laws of the land in the name of justice… (a term so abstract and misunderstood by most adults) is beyond all understanding.

May I say, that the great halls of academia, other institutions or sterile clinical settings are not at all comforting for children They are scary places filled with the unknown virtually around every corner.  As a little girl, Ladyjustice was made to take up residence in those scary medical setting over, and over and over again to face yet another surgery. They are more kid-friendly now. However, courtrooms have a LONG way to go in easing the pain of a child who is often re-victimized. It is a different story for at least 200 San Diego area families per year, as they are provided with a wonderful and innovative program offered by Leslie Peterson LCSW, RPT.

“Shattered Lives” host, Ladyjustice had the good fortune to spend over an hour interviewing Leslie regarding some of the issues involved with child victims participating in the court process and the trauma informed care approach.  Join us… You will learn a great deal….


  • Intimate Partner Violence PSA by Amy Robinson
  • Introduction to our guest
  • History of The Chadwick Center
  • The partnership that became the Kids in Court Program
  • What sets them apart – specialization regarding all aspects of trauma
  • The “sweet spot”….with a few options….
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and trying to replace the negative thoughts…
  • Delilah asks about human Trafficking victims and how they are approached in treatment…
  • Leslie responds regarding the severity of response in therapy… and the neutral aspects of the Kids in Court Program….
  • The bridge between the legal and therapeutic side…..
  • Kids & Teens in Court and Trauma Counseling and the DA’s office…  TEAMWORK!
  • The first night…. Second night… Third night…
  • A set curriculum regarding activities …but customized….
  • Trauma…Is testifying in court traumatizing for life?  So many factors….
  • Geography served….
  • Dependency Court versus Criminal court…
  • A discussion of “Facing Your Accusers” and Confrontation Clause based on the Constitution
  • A defendant has the right to face their accuser in criminal proceedings…
  • Preparing the child for seeing  the “bad person”
  • Sexual abuse…a disempowering experience…and how to take it back….
  • A report card for the volunteer judges….
  • Delilah discusses “Crawford Versus Washington” confrontation clause and the possibility of using the EAA and Document the abuse to circumvent the traumatic process of testifying…
  • Defining hearsay… and the design of the EAA specifically for abuse child victims taken outside of the courtroom – seems to be tailor made for the EAA?
  • Kudos to Robin Sax for using the EAA in  Los Angeles, California
  • Leslie’s response – the research shows it’s multifactorial….
  • London Canada – Kid s in Court Program – Resource:
  • Ladyjustice asks about Leslie testifying in Court- criminal or family court…
  • A discussion of How Stress changes a Child’s brain…..
  • Dr. Bruce Perry –A pioneer-
  • Fight or flight…. Children living in a “haunted house” forever…
  • The brain’s plasticity…and the ability to “bounce back” if they get out and into treatment…
  • Dr. Vincent Felitti and the ACES – Adverse Childhood Experience Study…..
  • Tips for Helping Children Cope with Stress of a Trial-
  • How do you quality for the Kids in Court Program? – A tiny… but unique program
  • Measuring client’s level of stress- The Court Related Stress Scale for Children
  • Contact information: Chadwick Center Kids & Teens in Court:
  • ***The curriculum is for sale to anyone for use in prosecutor’s offices, courts, victim  advocates, etc
  • 858-966-8682;
  • Leslie’s parting thoughts…


Questions You May Have…….

  • How did the Chadwick Center evolve and what is their treatment model?
  • How are the activities chosen or structured?
  • What’s involved regarding “power thoughts and “positive affirmations?”
  • Are there different treatment models for different sources of trauma?
  • What really happens with the kids and the parents each night during the program?
  • How is this experience from the parent’s perspective?
  • An array of parent reactions….
  • What’s the verdict on long term trauma for children?
  • How do you define “Dependency Court” and what is the process?
  • What techniques help to ease the child’s anxiety when seeing the perpetrator?
  • What percentage of offenders is known to the child – whether parent or caretaker?
  • How do they approach kids testifying in court in Canada?
  • What does Dr. Bruce Perry’s research say regarding the brain after experiencing “calm and explosion” over a prolonged period of time?
  • What physical condition was first identified with the ACE Study?
  • Should parents of children of sexual abuse and violence be treated with “kid gloves?”

  KIDS AND TEENS IN COURT- A Program “of the Heart” at the Chadwick Center

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

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The Crossroads Between Healing and Justice


Every survivor has the right to chose and the right to determine the correct path of healing that is right for them.” Christopher Anderson 

During this life on earth which seems so fleeting, so fast paced, so consumed with the material versus humanity, it is a divine gift when we find commonalities, when we can intersect, pause, reflect and reach out to help others….

Who would have known that a man who carries a heavy burden would have shared truths with another dear friend and colleague?   Christopher Anderson, survivor of sexual assault and Executive Director of Male,  and Amy Susan Crohn  share a blueprint of sorts.  They share a high score on the ACES- Adverse Childhood Experiences Scale (for those coming from families of significant dysfunction and trauma);

And further… who would have predicted that abuse is so common that whatever form it takes…we all can relate to it in one way or another?   At the start of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there is no better way to increase awareness and pay tribute to intimate partner violence…AND all forms of sexual abuse, than with the introduction of selected new compelling downloadable public service announcements in between our conversation with Christopher Anderson. Such PSA’s were interspersed and introduced to our audience during this radio show!

BUT… returning to our theme of healing and justice…. Christopher Anderson took the “Shattered Lives” Radio Team on his personal journey, capturing the essence of what is most important to male survivors of sexual assault and much more…  Is it justice? Is it healing?  Please listen to the podcast and read further to unlock the answers…



  • Introduction to the Domestic Violence PSAs by Amy Robinson, Voiceover Actress and Homicide Survivor
  • Introduction to our guest, Christopher Anderson
  • Chris introduces his personal story as a means of healing…and “a little bit of the shame breaks away”
  • Parental tantrums, hoarding, emotional neglect, lack of nurturing and  “not necessarily overt abuse”
  • “High alert for negative experience” overtaking any positive…
  • A neighbor and son befriending Chris… the beginning of a “false sense of goodness” and a path to darkness….
  • Hulk Hogan and WrestleMania…. Wrestling in his underwear, photos and the father “taking over”
  • Disassociation, periods of not remembering from 8 to 12 years old…
  • “Strange happenings”… his house became a stash for porn etc….
  • The high school years…getting through, getting by…anxiety and depression
  • Ladyjustice asks if Chris also suffers from physical, chronic conditions as a consequence of his neglect and abuse?
  • “The sexual abuse didn’t seem like it was a big deal” in the scheme of the other issues… until age 30.
  • First Marriage…Chris discusses what occurred…
  • Ladyjustice asks what is typical in intimate relationships after sexual assault?
  • Feeling broken and flawed…
  • Delilah asks about repressed memories and how it affects people in adulthood?
  • “Every survivor has the right to chose and the right to determine the correct path of healing that is right for them.”  No “one size fits all” for treatment
  • BREAK-  Domestic Violence PSA- Call1-800 799-SAFE
  • Delilah’s commentary re “let your voice be heard” regarding Christopher’s work  due to men and boys having to live in silence for so long…And it is so difficult to talk about.
  • Delilah asks, how important is justice to male survivors?
  • Chris responds regarding the difference between the pursuit of justice and healing…
  • Legal realities…. Statutes of Limitations … Marcy Hamilton’s work                     :
  • Look and listen to survivors- you hear over and over again … a re-traumatization and re-victimization
  • For every survivor of trauma and abuse the pursuit of justice can be a source of healing, but not a prerequisite
  • Ladyjustice asks about underreporting and the prevalence of male sexual abuse?
  • A discussion of female perpetrators and the myth of homosexuality perpetrators
  • Myths and Facts:
  • Resources: Books Recommended: Dr Howard Fradkin and Christopher Anderson Co-Author:  “Joining Forces…”;;
  • Oprah Show:
  • “Boys And Men Healing”  used during “Dare to Dream” Events:  Now with Spanish subtitles and English subtitles and for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired                Woo Hoo!
  • Chris tells how he connected with and discusses the multiple  purposes: More Resources and Connections  for Therapeutic Resources, Peer Support Groups.
  • Discussion of their International Conference in NYC in 2014
  • Weekends of Recovery Program: What are they about?
  • The experience of trauma is universal…. and the importance of accessing resources…
  • Chris’s discussion re the media…and the increase in awareness of sexual trauma in the military
  • “The Jerry Sandusky Effect”- Are there positives?
  • Parental-Societal Message:   Learn how to do a better job with prevention-             Be holistic, non-biased and inclusive in providing support to EVERY survivor.                  There is no hierarchy of abuse!
  • Delilah asks, how prevalent is abuse between siblings and is it more difficult for healing to occur?
  • Ladyjustice asks about prevalence and geographic considerations internationally?
  • Socio-economic poverty, and hopelessness considerations
  • What is Chris message of hope for the future?
  • Healing is possible:  Elements of Recovery: Prerequisites: Hope, Healing and Support…
  • Contact Info:
  • Final Domestic Abuse PSA by Amy Robinson

Questions Elicited from the Podcast

  • What is Chris’ ACES score and what does it mean?
  • What was Chris’ life like in school as compared to his home environment?
  • What was the significance of the WWF?
  • Terrified, not knowing how to say no, how did Chris deal with the sexual experience?
  • How does Chris characterize the illnesses he dealt with?
  • What is stereotypical about entering into marriage with a background of sexual abuse?
  • What is Chris’ opinion about the therapeutic technique of conjuring up repressed memories of traumatic experience?
  • What is Chris’ feeling regarding the importance of justice versus healing?
  • Is our criminal justice system designed to be a source of healing- Why or why not?
  • What are the statistics of the occurrence of male sexual abuse and can we rely on the data?
  • What is one major reason why male survivors do not come forward?
  • How many people visit the website for
  • What are the details concerning their international Conference?
  • Have Male Survivors made progress with media coverage?
  • How many reported cases are there in the military and which gender comprises the majority of survivors?
  • What is the greatest incidence of traffic on their site beyond US and Canada?
  • *** What are the three messages of hope?
  • What is Chris message of hope for the future

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

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The Historical Excavation of Buried Clues…What Lies Beneath?


Mark Potts, Jack the Ripper, H. H. Holmes,Shattered Lives Donna R. Gore

Mark C. Potts

“Superman: Truth, Justice, and the American Way”…. 

That’s what the emblem stands for on Mark Pott’s polo shirt…. He grins and peppers his conversation with many adjectives, as he delights in his historical finds….  He’s not a professional private investigator, not a law enforcement officer, not a forensic scientist. Rather, he is a history buff, with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for solving particular unsolved cases!

He hails from Reading, PA and searches in his spare time… His goal is to assist, to “put a new spin on things” and remain in the background, much like the little known historical facts he unearths.  However, his claim to fame has evolved from his out -of –the- box thinking, producing “golden nugget” clues… and startling revelations in the case of Dr. HH Holmes… aka “Jack the Ripper” aka Herman Mudgett.

On the latest episode of “Shattered Lives” radio, Ladyjustice and Delilah had the pleasure to learn how this amateur sleuth “puts it all together” or…. “takes it apart” as the case may be …and then passes it on to whichever law enforcement authority is appropriate.   Come join the fun exploration    …or should we say, excavation?  There are “links galore” to Mark’s current research projects:  Check them out below!



  • What type of clues helped  begin Mark’s journey in identifying HH Holmes as Jack the Ripper?
  • What did the police do “to make their theories fit” versus Mark’s approach?
  • How long did it take Mark to compile his information on HH Holmes?
  • What is the connection to Texas with a weapon found in the Murder Castle?
  • Is the access to records a challenge- why or why not?
  • Why does Mark want to visit the Austin area for his research?
  • What is the “double meaning “and significance behind the “Zodiac”?
  • What’s the premise behind the new TNT show “Cold Justice” and how does it relate?
  • What discoveries did Mark make regarding the UFO sightings in Washington State and what was found in Roswell?
  • What direction did Mark take about the Gary Redner murder?
  • What was the “out of the box” theory regarding the recent Navy Yard Shooter which may be related?
  • Does Mark work with crime victim families?
  • If you are doing similar investigatory work on your own what is Mark’s best advice?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.


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Sexual Predators: On the Prowl to Save Innocent Souls…..


“Every life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice.”

                                                                                        ~Lyman Abbott ~

“It is an equal failing to trust everybody, and to trust nobody.” English Proverb

Oh…. it’s just another crime victim’s conference… you say to yourself… You chat with colleagues and old friends… You hope to make some new friends and network… You collect your registration materials and try not to spill your coffee in the process… You find a seat and wait for the audio-visual guru to do his thing. You are expecting a polite introduction to a pinstriped presence that dutifully lectures and reads Power Point slides…. until the end of the presentation…

BUT… you are awakened to the reality of Chief James (Jim) Holler, Jr. He begins with a joke about how he just had to return to the Melanie Ilene Rieger Memorial Crime Victims Conference this year… as someone arrived late and Jim was relegated to a few brief minutes before lunch last year…  Not good enough…This time would be different….


Jim Holler

He didn’t use the podium, he projected…. He constantly paced the stage back and forth with wild animation.  He was a master storyteller, using down home farm and fishing analogies to contrast his gritty topic of child sexual abuse and  child exploitation cases…  with the internet as the vehicle of choice…. punctuating  his presentation with illustrative video and slides examples.  He never stopped his fast pace in a 90+ minute “lecture.”  Ladyjustice sat in the audience, transfixed and transformed after this experience….

Chief Jim Holler of Liberty Township, Adams County Pennsylvania is a humble and caring man.  He does what’s necessary in order to catch the sexual predator… and to school himself on any technique needed to engage the bad guy.  He tells us what we need to know in real terms and has many stories close to his heart to send the message in a myriad of ways… Jim is an internationally renown expert and speaker… but you’d never know it from his manner…. He’s “just doing his job,” after all…. As his bio says, “he doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping parents protect their kids!”

The “Shattered Lives” radio team had the rare opportunity to interview Jim as a radio guest to “scratch the surface“ of this vital topic which is growing at an epidemic rate…. Can Jim and his colleagues keep pace?  They try… They try their very best …and get results!


  • Introduction to our guest
  • Juxtaposition re Northeastern cities…. with the proliferation of internet crimes against children…  ICAC
  • Proactivity versus reactivity concerning the topic of sexual victimization of children
  • On-line chats…. The differences regarding reality TV shows (i.e. “Catch the Predator”) and real life catching the criminals
  • Any child, at any time of the day…on any day of the week… the prevalence and “going fishing” Within 30 seconds…. A story…
  • Sexual torture versus the “cool material benefits”….the “seduction process”
  • The predators “checklist” with multiple victims
  • “Date night” – One example for catching the perpetrator
  • Bringing presents  “for the adventure”  – Necklaces, CDs,  sex toys
  • Wife- “I only knew he was spending a lot of time on the computer at night”
  • The hard cold statistics of prevalence – sexual abuse among each gender
  • “Survivors” and the number of people who never have come forward…
  • “The other 60-70 percent…”
  • Ladyjustice asks, how do we truly protect young children against abuse?
  • The importance of building a good relationship with your child
  • ***The situational molester versus the preferential molester – (An example of the situational molester with a 4 year old)
  • The fallacy of “the weird guy in the park”…
  • A discussion of who the perps are… they can be anyone…. Our neighbor, pastors, teachers, coach
  • Runaway kids….  Sexual abuse is often overlooked as a reason to flee
  • Jim’s challenge to law enforcement…
  • A discussion of the preferential molester.. “The person that we would least ever suspect”
  • Getting rid of children that get beyond the preferential molesters specific  need-slot….
  • Ladyjustice asks what mental health professionals say about persons with these specific preferences?
  • Profiles of these perpetrators  – it doesn’t make sense….
  • Delilah’s commentary about those we put our trust in as parents…. How do we check out people and organizations sufficiently
  • A RED FLAG- Those that move a lot – changing jobs frequently
  • Grooming the parents as well as the kids…. They have it made if they can accomplish this….
  • ANOTHER RED FLAG – “Parents should be aware of anyone who wants to be with their child more than they do!”
  • Dedicated coaches , teachers… sexual predators  give the good ones a bad name….  The REALITY … the predators have to become the teachers, coaches and preachers to have access to kids as well…
  • Grooming kids on line….  As compared to the old fashioned dating relationship…. A gradual process
  • The Soccer Coach story….  A preferential molester and multiple victims;
  • Ladyjustice asks about the incidence of the two types of molesters
  • Preventing access of our children to molesters on line…. Parents need to be detectives….
  • The story of a Social Worker’s Child and her cell phone…
  • Kid chat rooms and preferential molesters…
  • Computer placement and the number of computers given to children now….
  • Children are more savvy about the navigation of new features on cell phones and apps
  • “Deceiving apps “on phones which have tabs to hide files, and “nasty photos”
  • A story and discussion of X-Box Connect and the proliferation of molesters
  • Ladyjustice asks about charges, conviction rates and prison time
  • Comments on the discovery of child pornography- with preferential molesters
  • The best website for parents: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children;  A compendium of useful  information
  •  Q& A
  • The CyberTipline® receives leads and tips regarding suspected crimes of sexual exploitation committed against children. More than 1.9 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation have been made to the CyberTipline between 1998 and June 2013.
  • Jim’s written information for public use:
  • Delilah’s comment re the volume of information presented ….and compares to  grooming with human trafficking
  • Jim’s comment about how difficult it is to “be correct” re potential predators – using “gut feelings”
  • PARTING MESSAGE: Develop a relationship with your child and continue to build their self esteem. If you don’t, a molester may find an opportunity.

Are There Any Questions??

  • What was the pivotal case that evolved Jim’s career into sexual predation?
  • What is involved concerning ICAC Training?
  • How do the methods differ from TV shows catching predators and law enforcement methods?
  • Within the chat rooms, how many chats are going on simultaneously?
  • What techniques can law enforcement officers use to maintain their cover when “almost discovered”?
  • What is the typical demographic of a sexual predator?
  • Are the stats truly accurate in Jim’s opinion…and why are they “so scary”?
  • Who are the true abusers of sexual abusers and those who abduct rape and kill?
  • How are very small children (1 to 2 year olds) lured into sexual abuse?
  • How does the internet and child pornography impact the prevalence of this crime?
  • “They don’t want to hurt the child…. This is justified” How can they think such thoughts?
  • What is the aftermath concerning victims of the situational molester?
  • One example -Which “big city police department” takes sexual abuse and runaways as part of their protocol?
  • Is the preferential molester typically the “weird guy in the park?”
  • Do background checks catch the majority of molesters – Why or why not?
  • How is a child from a troubled home groomed?
  • What is a cell phone bedtime and why is it important?
  • What are the dynamics of “sharing children”? Kid chat rooms and preferential molesters
  • Why is monitoring after school activities so important?….a cautionary tale
  • How are chat room cases dealt with regarding convictions at the local and Federal levels?
  • How can parents get useful reference information?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.

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Loose Cannons Personified: The Art and Science of Hostage Negotiation

He receives the call…  He knows only the basics and starts assembling his team and creates a strategic plan in his head… He makes his calls while a protocol begins;  ‘establishes a safe place of operations and they begin the process of behind the scenes team preparation to save lives under the influence of a crazed, criminal or crusading personality who is “at the end of their rope.” ‘Question is…. is that rope long enough to penetrate the psyche of the perpetrator? Is there room for negotiation with this one?  Can Derek Gaunt establish a “window of hope” for hostages and their families?

Volatile: Likely to shift quickly and unpredictably; unstable; explosive.

Negotiation: is a dialogue between two or more people or parties, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain for individual or collective advantage. Negotiation is a process where each party involved in negotiating tries to gain an advantage for themselves by the end of the process.

Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit organizations, government branches, legal proceedings, among nations and in personal situations such as marriage, divorce, parenting, and everyday life and….. HOSTAGE SITUATIONS [Last item added by Ladyjustice]

Example: “Dog Day Afternoon “Trailer, 1975, Starring Actor  Al Pacino; (Based on a TRUE Story…)

(Following the radio podcast, return to this clip to identify elements discussed)

The ”Shattered Lives” Radio team ventured down such a road with Derek Gaunt for a fascinating hour of learning about the art and science of negotiation of the most important type…when lives hang in the balance! Join us…We guarantee you’ll be wiser and better prepared for having listened…


  • Introduction to our guest;
  • An introduction to Black Swan Negotiations Consulting Firm;
  • A 93+ % success rate in hostage negotiation!
  • Myth of a sole hostage negotiator – an analogy to a military sniper’s job…;
  • A Coach; a scribe; a situation board person; a team leader; other negotiators managing intelligence, a supervisor, an incident commander….
  • Delilah asks about similarities in all hostages cases?
  • “Crazy, Criminal, Crusader” Categories…What’s it all about?
  • Respect and Empathy – the importance of viewing the world through their eyes…
  • “The ultimate compliance professionals”-difference between corporate and hostage orientations;
  • Which personality is the most difficult to establish a rapport?
  • Instrumental and Expressive criminals explained…; Scenarios A or B;
  • Delilah votes for the most difficult scenario…
  • “Aha moment…”
  • Ladyjustice challenges the “correct answer;”
  • Why does a person take a hostage when the police are present?
  • A discussion of suffering multiple losses, losing control… if I can’t have you….”
  • Ladyjustice asks about negotiation across the board… in every situation; “Getting someone on the phone; I’ve got a shot;”
  • Derek explains how he communicates with other team members during the acute situation;
  • Do and don’t’s if you are taken hostage…
  • The importance of slowing things down…. the critical time;
  • Why is it so important to get them on the phone quickly- verbal containment?
  • It’s a crime scene… The importance of observation….
  • ***When we come in “Face down on the ground” as soon as we hit the door – the physical logistics…
  • The clock’s ticking  2 to 3 minutes…. 30 to 60 minutes;
  • What do you do… The case of Antoinette Tuffs: Averting tragedy:
  • Asking what happened – “Dumping their bucket…”
  • Ladyjustice asks about a hostage taker showing compassion…or making demands…;
  • “A guy on the bridge that was threatening to jump…” scenario;
  • “Swomie”-Suicide with other motivation explained;
  • The importance of consistency…
  • The aftermath of the hostage situation…;
  • A protocol of critical incident stress de-briefing;
  • Testifying in court – re-victimization; flashbacks and the role of victim advocates;
  • Delilah asks about Derek’s personal de-briefing;
  • The story of six negotiators witnessing a deadly force incident at the same time… More aftermath;
  • Ladyjustice asks about the role of technology versus one to one communication;
  • Geography and jurisdiction issues;
  • “Derek’s singular message” to our audience…”

Questions for the Audience…..

  • What are the qualifications needed for a hostage negotiation expert?
  • What are the factors influencing business and hostage negotiation? How are they related?
  • What do the other behind the scenes team members do in a hostage negotiation?
  • What is the primary similarity among cases?
  • What technique is needed to establish empathy and rapport in order to influence behavior?
  • What are the challenges in changing behaviors?
  • Why is the instinct for self-preservation and the emotional attachment so important?
  • What are the reasons for taking a hostage…. suffering loss?
  • What can we do on the prevention side?
  • What are techniques to utilize in order to survive when taken hostage?
  • What does containment involve?
  • How are your observations used later?
  • As a victim, does Derek advise negotiating for your own release?
  • How do you frame the discussion to begin to establish a rapport?
  • How does bargaining work?
  • What’s the significance of small concessions in a hostage negotiation?
  • How are the hostages treated after release?
  • How are the family members of hostages and family of the perpetrators dealt with?
  • What’s the “curveball” technology creates nowadays?
  • What was Derek’s important takeaway message?

The comments expressed on this website or on the broadcasts of Shattered Lives do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the hosts, producers, or other guests.


Loose Cannons Personified: The Art and Science of Hostage Negotiation

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