Across the Miles…. A Father’s Quiet Desperation Evolves into a Hunt for Justice Like No Other


Lubbock Texas- Nick named the “Hub City,” due to its reputation as the economic, education, and health care hub of that region of the state. Lubbock is the largest contiguous cotton growing region in the world…. The Lubbock Police Department was shaped by Chief J.T. Alley (1923–2009), who served from 1957–1983, the third-longest tenure in state history. Under Chief Alley, the department acquired its first Juvenile Division, K-9 Corps, Rape Crisis Center, and Special Weapons and Tactics teams.

It was also against this backdrop just eight years later… in May 1991, that an affable young man, at age 24, always popular with the young ladies, seemingly was outmatched by a sociopathic hanger-on girlfriend that he could not shed in favor of his true love.

Descriptions such as callous; unemotional; lacking empathy; aggressive; impulsive; acting without any regard for the welfare of others have been used to describe psychopathy…However, new research suggests that female psychopaths differ in the expression of deceitful, manipulative, and exploitive personality traits. They are more likely to express these personality deficits through behaviors typically with extreme fear of abandonment; outbursts of rage over real or imagined transgressions, they switch between seeing their significant other as either completely perfect or totally evil or become women who must constantly be the center of attention.  They may be misdiagnosed as having mental illness.  Such a female…. perhaps Leisha Gwen Hamilton…. [The murderer of Roger “Scott” Dunn] may be just as incapable of true empathy, and just as manipulative and deceitful, as the psychopathic callous, unemotional male. [Published on May 2, 2012 by Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D. in The Human Equation].  Such a woman, who upon first meeting Scott’s Dunn’s father, was more concerned with acquiring Scott’s car (holding the keys in her hand) than finding him… and THAT was just one layer of the onion…..with 21 more years worth of layers to come….


“Shattered Lives”  travelled the path with Jim Dunn, as he recounted his fight for justice with many revelations along the way



  • Crime tips across the miles…South Carolina, Connecticut.  ***Email your tips  anytime to feature on the air at:;
  • Introduction to our guest; Murder of a son…
  • What it takes to be a survivor to continue to pursue justice all the many years…the road not taken…;
  • The circumstances of the crime….. All of a sudden we don’t hear from our son….….A strange woman calls….
  • “Why are you calling me at work? “(Leisha)  The story continues… a piece of carpet tells the story….;
  • Richard Walter, psychologist’s comment  on  psychopaths;
  • A bright technically oriented kid, who had “too many girlfriends;”
  • Twenty-one years to the date that he was murdered…. The remains were found in May 2012;
  • Filling in the gaps…. The law enforcement response initially- Across the miles  from Philadelphia to Lubbock ,Texas;
  • A father’s demeanor to “take care of business” just  like a business meeting;
  • The dinner with Leisha-   a plot to play one man against the other – in jealousy;
  • “Scott just left.”  I want his car…..”
  • Under surveillance…. Ready to jump on the case….
  • 300-400 phone calls in one year- June 1992- Meeting Richard Walter…from the Vidocq Society;
  • “You don’t have a body…. You don’t have a case;”
  • Duct tape and hair fibers …. A telltale sign;
  • Tim Smith and former criminal records discovered by Jim;
  • A TV show that made the difference…..;
  • Richard Walter comes in from Scotland Yard…. “I’ll let the phone ring five times”
  • Texas Law tells the story – a body, a confession or part of a body;
  • The trials of Leisha Hamilton and Tim Smith….
  • A suspended sentence – Why??
  • Discussion of a probated sentence;
  • A victim’s advocate….Pam Alexander  “a God’s send;”
  • His wife Barbara and her needs…. I’ll leave you…”
  • Scott’s biological Mom….
  • An unexpected event – finding the body….  Repair men on Pipelines;
  • Meeting Wanda Evans and the evolution of “Trail of Blood”
  • My purpose was to find Scott and give credit to the Vidocq Society;
  • Competing books…..  “The Murder Room”
  • Jim’s “Trail of Blood”;
  • Contact Information:;



Questions, Questions, Questions;

  • The parole board -What is the status of the murderer when does the perpetrator get out?
  • What was the crux of the altercation that led to the murder?
  • How long did it take to secure a conviction?
  • What was Jim’s charge by the police in order to find out more information from the perpetrator(s)”?
  • What were the evidence and the results of the DNA?
  • What were Jim’s efforts after Scott’s blood was identified?
  • Who ultimately responded to Jim’s outreach efforts?
  • What was the Texas law enforcement’s theory of the case?
  • Who was Bill Fleisher, William Fleisher, V.S.M. and what was his significance to the case?
  • How was it that the case came to trial with “no body”?
  • What was the involvement of Scotland Yard?
  • What happened with the Grand jury?
  • What part of Texas law allows for a suspended sentence-“probated sentence”?
  • What was the condition of Scott’s body when located?
  • A letter from prison… What’s going on?


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It is Impossible Not to Miss Someone Who Was Once a Part of Your Life… Monica Caison and CUE Center for Missing Persons

CUE Center for Missing Persons,Monica Caison,National Conference

 “Sometimes we are only given a few minutes to be with the one we love, and a thousand hours to spend just thinking about them”  Victoria Morgan.

Monica Caison,Cue Center for Missing Persons

The above quotes tell the story… and have a quality of truth that is inescapable for families with loved ones who go missing.  Monica Caison, Founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons in Wilmington, North Carolina, is the keeper of the flame and the tireless organizer- searcher for the forgotten… a mission carried forth since 1994. Monica goes about her job systematically. She‘s built a reputation, the respect of law enforcement and service providers. She has an army of resources atthe ready to assist… but can always use more dedicated people.  Volunteers are the “lifeblood” of this amazing organization…  Ladyjustice and Delilah spent a fun-filled, informational hour discussing how far the CUE Center has come to date…..and the details of the upcoming 9th Annual Conference –Thursday, March 21st through Sunday March 24th, 2013.  (See Questions to be answered below!)

To listen to the Podcast: CLICK HERE

  • Introduction to our guest;
  • History of the CUE Center and what makes it unique – A liaison between law enforcement and the community; Primary focus- Their stellar search efforts…
  • How it works… Starting with a goal list… and coordinated professionally trained  searches;
  • Billboards, rewards, posters, networking….anything and everything;
  • The long view: What has changed since 1994?
  • The Peggy Carr Case- a benchmark National Case
  • The Give Campaign and CUE Voted the Top Rated Non-Profit of 2012…
  • The benefits of attending for the first time…no matter how you are affiliated;
  • GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING …Face to Face……. Very Important!!
  • Advocacy and Victim Empowerment- Giving Back…
  • A touching letter – getting out of your comfort zone;
  • An Overview of the Conference;
  • A larger venue; a larger hotel on the ocean….
  • Trainings, food, fun night…   The Ocean Shore Special Event;
  • National Candlelight service  and unveiling “The Wall”
  • Roundtable Discussions and Networking for help with missing persons cases;
  • Sponsors, theme baskets, Door Prizes
  • “The Big Chance to Win” in Memory of a former missing person;
  • Deciding on next year’s Conference…the process;
  • A no fee Conference…
  • Family donors and Fundraising…
  • One Day Search for the CUE versus a Government Operated Search;
  • Delilah’s role in helping with Recruiting Presenters…The Line-Up;
  • Bridget Daly Musteata- La\w Enforcement- Victim Advocate for the Police Department – Duncan South Carolina – Legal Rights Before &After;   Forensic Interview- an in depth-interview and the needs of the family in the aftermath;
  • Teams, Rotations and General Assembly;
  • “Dr. Dolly” Dalal Akoury- Talking about how to reduce the stress of trauma
  • Monica’s Sanctuary to inner peace…
  • Marilyn Gambrell – Amazing Advocate working with teens of incarcerated parents;
  • Monica – a tutorial on Sonar – with Expert Chuck Elgin;
  • Delilah & Monica on the importance of timeliness in getting to Monica and knowing what to do- A MASTER PLAN;
  • “There’s no place to search…”
  • Monica’s State Coordinator Program –Why it’s needed;What they do….
  • On a path to increased growth…   Her database… and the rewards…
  • Contact Information -. Donations:;/
  • Registration and general information;


Questions to be answered:

  • Are billboards always needed and the most effective method why or why not?
  • Awareness campaigns and a public presence
  • Why should new people attend?
  • How did Monica’s dream come about?
  • What is a True Founder versus a True Advocate?
  • What are the themes of this year’s conference?
  • What is the special memorial for Susan Murphy- Milano?
  • What are the extras, gifts and fundraising?
  • What’s involved in the expense planning process for a search?
  • What are the difference sin sonar used as it relates to a particular case?
  • What is the waiting period with law enforcement once a person goes mIssing?
  • What are the requirements to be a State Coordinator?


CUE candlelight vigil

For a full list of speakers and detailed information about the

National Conference:  click here

NOTICE: (This conference is a pre – registration conference ONLY) please contact the center for details, thank you.

Download and print registration form below

Submit Registration: Mailing Address (CUE) PO Box 12714 Wilmington, NC 28405
Ph: (910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687 Fax: (910) 399-6137
Location: Courtyard Marriott Hotel

2013 Conference Registration. Click Here to Download and Print (1843)

Note: Do not contact the hotel to register, the CUE Center for Missing Persons is responsible for submission of the rooming list and providing airport travel arrangements of all conference attendees. 


A Missing Young Man ….Following A Cold Trail from the East Village and Hart Island to Nowhere….



Amid the backdrop of a lonely burial ground, Michael Jones has taken up the charge to find his brother, Vernon Kent Jones, missing since 1993.

The New York City Cemetery, located on Hart Island, the Bronx, in the Long Island Sound, is commonly referred to as Potter’s Field. The probable origin of the term “Potter’s Field” as meaning a public burial place for poor and unknown persons is a passage from the Gospel of St. Matthew (27:3-8):

“Then Judas, which had betrayed Him, saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests … and they took counsel, and bought with them the potters field to bury strangers in.”

Hart Island was purchased by the City in 1868 from the Hunter family of the Bronx for $75,000. The following year it was established as the City’s public cemetery for the burial of those persons who died indigent or whose bodies went unclaimed. In the first year, 1,875 burials were performed.

The Department of Correction maintains and operates the City Cemetery, commonly called Potter’s Field, on Hart Island, the Bronx, in Long Island Sound. Burials are done with inmate labor, under supervision of Correction staff. Inmates are paid between 25 and 35 cents per hour. The supervised inmate work details are bused from Riker’s Island and ferried from City Island on weekdays to perform the burials, disinterment and maintenance tasks. The Island is 101 acres, measuring approximately one mile long and one-eighth to one-third of a mile wide. It is maintained by the Department of Correction. Hart Island is not open to the public.                                                                    [Reference:]

Michael, PI’s Bob Rahn, Kim Anklin, Ladyjustice and Delilah discussed the all too few details of this cold case on “Shattered Lives” in hopes of finding clues to this mystery: 

To Listen to the podcast CLICK HERE:

  • Introduction to the case and guests- The importance of awareness;
  • Michael’s telling of the background and circumstances of his brother’s disappearance [Vernon Kent Jones];
  • A New Year’s Eve Party and a disappearance;
  • “The story “as told by friends;
  • Delilah asks about an active police investigation and treating it as a crime scene- What was done; what evidence was found?
  • Bob Rahn – Status as a missing persons case;
  • Kim Anklin’s take on investigating cases as a homicide versus a missing person’s case;
  •  A very Impaired person… who was in need of having special attention;
  • Theories of the case- “Experimenting,” 
  • A baby tooth…and the beginning of the search for burial records on behalf of the poor and remains of unidentified people;
  • Mike’s research of handwritten records;
  • DNA profiling from the tooth- into Codis;;
  • Delilah’s research into NAMUS- the two-pronged DOJ Data base…                      Cross-checking – an invaluable tool;;
  • Vernon’s  broken legs;
  • Hand written data base- Unidentified remains- December of 1992 to  first quarter of  1993- 25 people;
  • Kim on finding a missing person at Potter’s Field – a wonderful find to be able to locate a family member and have the person returned to a family plot;  
  • Bob on the records keeping – Over 800,00 people buried  at Hart Island with all hand- kept records;
  • A sense of purpose that grew…
  • Do people hold the key or technology to solving this case?
  • Update on the other partygoers; Inconsistencies?
  • Location of the party versus Vernon’s apartment and mass transit;
  • Ladyjustice asks how Vernon could have gotten somewhere under his own power given his level of intoxication and poor vision?
  • Kim’s description of the day when Michael & Mom Sarah saw the apartment for the first time year’s later captured on video;
  • Ladyjustice’s theory of what might have happened…  matching Bob Rahn’s theory…. without proof;
  • “Growing a conscience”… and providing a piece to the puzzle;
  • Bob  on the apartment – an old three story walk up- improbability of walking down the stairs alone;
  • The presence of alcohol ; “wanting to do heroin” according to a witness;
  • Michael’s impression of the occupant-witness;
  • Surreal experience-Meeting at the apartment where Vernon was last seen; Meetings with occupant, Meeting with Erin Moriarty of CBS of              “48 Hours”
  • Delilah asks what kinds of awareness events have been done over the years to keep it in the forefront?
  • Delilah on how vital it is to hammer away at this case re social media and  the public’s help;
  • Age progression and facial recognition- A forensic artist’s help;
  • Identifying marks… unusual characteristics?
  • Casting a wide net from the Hart Island data – 13 possibles…
  • Ladyjustice asks about the criteria for taking on a cold case and when is a case “considered cold”?
  • Contact information for further information:
  • 1-800-490-2267 or;
  • [Off air Ladyjustice recommends registering with Monica Caison at    and the possibility of creating a full website dedicated to Vernon]


The Second Ring, the Disenfranchised…Who Are Taking Care of Other Family and the Caregivers?

Duane Bowers, Donna R. Gore,Shattered Lives

Duane T. Bowers looks at the whole picture of life…  As a licensed professional counselor, educator/training consultant and expert, he travels the U.S. and beyond, seeking to help the grief stricken, forging a better understanding and recommending practical measures to improve one’s quality of life …when life looks like a battlefield following war.

Duane can answer many of the why questions (as they are based in physiology); and he is cognizant of the impact of traumatic death, PTSD, grief, suicide and those gone missing. He knows the landscape and the human toll up close and personal through his work with many organizations.  Among them are:  the Office for Victims of Crime, Project Jason, the Cue Center for Missing Persons,  Team Hope, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Association of Missing and Exploited Children and the Canadian Center for Child Protection.

Duane spent an hour with “Ladyjustice” and Delilah focusing on the disenfranchised – those family members and caretakers whose needs are often overlooked when someone is victimized by violent death, loss or life threatening illness. How do you “get off the daily merry-go-round” that never seemto slow down? 

Listen to the latest interview with Duane Bowers: CLICK HERE

  • Ø What is a disenfranchised victim?
  • Ø First ring of survivor… forgetting the second ring; Examples;
  • Ø Reasons for attending only to the victims in the first ring; Levels of disenfranchised –people and pets;
  • Ø The Traumatic Response –  Physiological response followed by behaviors;
  • Ø Keeping Alive…. If stress is prolonged….
  • Ø Immune System , pain,  and immune system importance;
  • Ø Short term memory and remembering under stress;
  • Ø The “pictures in my head”… PTSD…;
  • Ø Introducing counseling  versus  cortisol level  via exercise;
  • Ø Options – “Feeling good about yourself;” Laughing and pretending, Singing, dancing, natural sugars;
  • Ø Delilah asks, Why aren’t MD’s attuned to educating about caretaking the caregiver?
  • Ø Selected Caregiver classes… including hospices;
  • Ø Bodily response with those who are caregivers and “in the second ring;”
  • Ø New DSM category to be introduced in 2013 re PTSD;
  • Ø Services for the second ring?
  • Ø Hospice services including respite;
  • Ø Setting up respite services in an extended family. How to get this training?
  • Ø Chat room question- Where is the respite for other victims who give back to future victims?  Project Jason Retreat as an example. Retreat organizers need respite too! ;
  • Ø Massage, stress management and acupuncture  to decrease stress;
  • Ø Recommended role of extended family members; Lack of recognition and becoming disenfranchised.  Need to  focus on the caregivers;
  • Ø Look at the family unit – the second or third ring… to know, how much am I allowed to be a part of it?
  • Ø Tap into  good friends,  clergy, to assist that second ring;
  • Ø Just being there… and talking, having coffee, venting;
  • Ø  Duane believes victims do not get enough mental health counseling when they need it – Recommends  4 to 8 weeks post trauma;
  • Ø Little things … crying and new research…. When a person’s perspective shifts…..   “Oh don’t cry…everything will be okay…”  Naught!
  • Ø Talk about it with – a good clergymen, a well trained person;
  • Ø Historical perspective -Washington DC  clergy and counseling;
  • Ø Clergy and liability;
  • Ø Doing shows like “Shattered Lives” – a vital part of what we do at Imagine Publicity;
  • Ø Delilah on getting out the resources, education and awareness and “running at high speed;”
  • Ø Duane asking what is the hardest part for caretaker Delilah? – Delilah says… the time to do the things you know you have to do…. Needing 40 hours per day;
  • Ø “Your mental state goes to unfamiliar places…..”
  • Ø Duane on  24 hour crisis lines – Crisis link – highly reputable and trained;
  • Ø;
  • Ø How to read the signs…seeing the red flags and stopping the self-destruction of the second ring and caretakers we love.  Rely on friends versus family members  and “just be there, “pick up the pieces   (do the laundry) or whatever needs  done ; “Drag the person out“ for an hour of fun and relaxation;
  • Ø When those who care are in another state…
  • Ø Long term illness versus a trauma and how it is diagnosed (in name) versus how you feel it;
  • Ø  Scenario – Traumatic event of a violent nature: The first, second and third ring…. Where is the family to support grandma who also needs assistance?  Additional stress and lack of resources… Grandma becomes disenfranchised;
  • Ø Mental health professions need to intercede and set up structure for services and support;
  • Ø High stress; decreased immunity and developing cancer;
  • Ø Medical profession – “Treat everything with a pill”
  • Ø  Trauma, Death and Caregivers- Sleep medication:  Did you know that we MUST dream in order to release stress?  Prescription meds do not allow this… you wake up more exhausted… 
  • Ø  Your retina controls sleep… releasing melatonin to assist with sleep.  Make your environment darker and relax your body…in a habitual way…
  • Ø It takes 21 days to form a habit…..  Good or bad…
  • Ø  “Homework assignments” and closing….